Background Checks

At Barada Associates, we are seeing a steady stream of requests for Key Hire Reports, our most in-depth type of candidate screening. With an increasing number of organizations being involved in embarrassing situations regarding high-profile hires, we anticipate the demand for these types of reports will continue to escalate.

Company decision makers are realizing that the cost of a Key Hire Report pales in comparison with the loss of reputation and public confidence that can accompany a high-profile incident, not to mention the time wasted in candidate evaluation, any monies that must be paid to terminate contracts, and even potential sanctions and/or fines to which an organization may be subject. In the worst-case scenario, such as when an employee commits a crime, negligence lawsuits against the hiring company may also ensue.

A Key Hire Report should dig much deeper than a traditional background check to uncover the information that determines whether a candidate’s background actually matches the persona he or she portrays in public. These reports should involve processes that confirm, verify, validate and investigate the information high-profile candidates claim about themselves. In essence, a Key Hire Report should reflect thorough examination of as much public information about the candidate as can legally be collected.

Barada’s Key Hire Reports incorporate all of these best practices, and more. To see a sample Key Hire Report, or to learn more about why they are so important and the mechanisms through which they are conducted, visit our Key Hire Reports page or give us a call at (765) 932-5917.