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Celebrating 40 Years In Business

About Barada Associates

Our Mission

At Barada Associates, we help companies find the right talent and create a safe working environment for their customers, employers, and society. We’re a people-first company, and your success is our success.

About BaradaAbout Barada

Premier Provider of Employment Screening & Reference Reports

Higher unemployment rates simply increase the applicant pool and don’t make the job of hiring any easier. Background screening, employment and education verifications, and professional reference checks can protect your business from poor hiring decisions and ensure that you get qualified talent with a style and work ethic that matches their environment and their culture.

Barada Associates provides reference reports, employment verifications and background checks to employers nationwide. Our professional reports and thorough research give our clients a clear hiring advantage. We are committed to offering the highest level of customer service, legal compliance and ease of process.

Barada Associates was founded by Paul W. Barada in 1979, as one of the first employment screening businesses. The company developed a reputation over the years as the premier provider of reference reports.

To this day, Paul is considered an expert in the field and has authored many articles on reference checking and employment screening topics. His book, Reference Checking for Everyone, was published in 2004. Barada Associates remains headquartered in its original building in Rushville, Indiana.

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