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Criminal History Checks

Full Pre-Employment Criminal Background Check Services

Provide a Safe Environment for Doing Business

Performing criminal background checks is of utmost importance for companies in today’s increasingly competitive and complex business landscape. Hiring employees with a history of illegal activity can expose an organization to significant risks, including theft, fraud, workplace violence, and reputational damage.

By conducting thorough and reliable criminal background checks, companies can safeguard their assets, protect their employees, and maintain a secure and trustworthy environment. With the potential legal and financial consequences of negligent hiring, the significance of comprehensive criminal background checks cannot be overstated.

For all of your company’s pre-employment background checks, trust the professionals at Barada Associates. Our professionals work with leading employment law experts to ensure all our criminal background checks are conducted legally and responsibly. Contact us today to request a quote.

Identify Risky Hires and Built Employee Trust

New guidance by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is making the procurement and use of criminal histories a legal minefield for employers.

Barada Associates works with leading employment law experts to ensure all our background checks are conducted legally and responsibly and that the information we provide our clients is fully compliant with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Furthermore, we frequently work with our clients to help them revise policies and procedures as laws and guidance change to reduce their potential liability at all levels—from discrimination to workplace safety.

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What Kind of Criminal History Checks Do We Perform?

County-Level Criminal Records Check

County courts serve as the primary venue for prosecuting and storing most criminal cases, typically involving state criminal code violations. Conducting a criminal history check at the county level forms the foundation for a comprehensive inquiry into an applicant’s criminal background. By examining records from county courts, employers can uncover a wide range of offenses, including felony and misdemeanor convictions within a specific jurisdiction. This type of check allows companies to assess the candidate’s history of compliance with state laws, identify potential red flags, and evaluate their suitability for various roles within the organization.

State & Nationwide Criminal Records Check

Criminal record databases are typically incomplete. They cover only selected counties and date ranges and are compiled from various sources. However, they are a useful supplement to a county-level criminal court records check. Use state and nationwide searches to expand the inquiry beyond the known states and counties of residence, attended schools, and prior employers. This increases the probability of finding potential felony criminal convictions.

Federal Criminal Records Check

Federal crimes and criminal offenses committed on federal property carry significant weight and are prosecuted in federal courts. Including a check for federal crimes in a candidate’s criminal background check adds an extra layer of thoroughness and completeness to the inquiry. By specifically examining federal criminal records, companies can gain a more comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s past and potential risks they may pose. This type of check is particularly valuable for positions that involve handling sensitive information, working with federal agencies, or requiring a high level of trust and security.

Sex Offender Registry Search

We check arrest and incarceration records and registered sex offender lists. Most states provide centralized services that can be used to check whether an applicant is registered as a convicted sex offender.

Global Homeland Security Search

Our Office of Foreign Assets Control search services can amplify other criminal history record check data by querying watch lists from the OFAC, including a global terrorist search.

Protect Your Organization With Comprehensive Criminal History Checks

For 40 years, our criminal record checks have produced the most accurate results. Avoid dangerous situations for your customers and employers by checking all of your candidate’s criminal history records through the entire criminal justice system before extending an offer. Get started today!

“We wanted an organization that had innovative and effective ways to improve the screening process. The staff at Barada have been very responsive. They understand how their services can assist us and will suggest creative solutions that meet the needs of the Archdiocese. We have been impressed with everyone from the human element on down.”

Ed Isakson, Human Resources Director, Archdiocese of Indianapolis