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Academic Verification Services

Verify Your Candidate's Academic & Education Qualifications

Make Sure Your Candidate Has the Education They Claim

Don’t fall victim to hiring unqualified and untruthful candidates. At Barada, we ensure all academic verification background checks are 100% accurate.

Why Should Companies Professional Verify Academic History?

Although some companies consider academic verification less important than criminal and credit history checks, the second most common misrepresentation on resumes and job applications (per the FBI) is academic history.

Failing to uncover academic puffery (or outright falsehood) may not seem like a risky behavior, especially when compared to detrimental actions such as hiring a dangerous individual who later causes workplace violence. Nevertheless, performing full academic verification is very important for a number of reasons.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) makes it clear that some positions classified as Exempt require employees to have advanced or specialized education. Should the FLSA challenge the exemption, it’s crucial that the employer be able to prove the worker has appropriate credentials.

Why Companies Trust Employment Verification Checks From Barada

Barada Associates has years of experience confirming not only enrollment, attendance and/or graduation dates but also degrees and/or certifications earned at a specified school. Our sophisticated, highly accurate checking procedure allows us to return results within 48 hours.

Furthermore, when your company’s reputation or product quality resides on the specialized knowledge of your employees, ensuring they meet the criteria can become an issue of business survival.

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How Far Back Do Education Verifications Go?

A typical employment background check verifies all post high school educational claims (sometimes certifications are also verified). The period of time actually covered in an education verification report depends on how long the applicant attended the educational institution and when the degree or certificate was awarded.

We Deliver Accurate Academic History Background Checks

For 40 years, our academic verification process has produced the most accurate results. Don’t let a candidate slip through with an inaccurate education background. Get peace of mind today!