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Curious What Job Candidates Are Posting? Trust The Experts at Barada Associates

Fifty-one percent of employers who research a candidate on social media found something that caused them not to hire the candidate. But did you know companies that are caught looking at the social media profiles of job candidates can be found for hiring discrimination? Avoid this potential legal pitfall and let Barada Associates help you hire the right high-profile candidates. Barada can use a social media check as part of the overall background check to give you additional insight into applicants.

Should Companies Perform Social Media Background Checks?

More people than ever before are using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok, and many others to post personal information – whether it be content, videos, or pictures – about their lives and family. Looking at a potential hire’s Facebook profile, or trying to find them on Instagram, might seem like a smart way to determine if they are the right fit for your organization – but think again. Employers open themselves up to major legal risks by discovering protected characteristics or information when perusing candidates’ social media accounts. While some state laws prohibit adverse action based on off-duty conduct, except under narrow circumstances, there is reason for employers to have legitimate concerns poking around at profiles.

Barada Associates believes that employers should have all relevant information about a potential employee to make the best hiring decisions. We use a three-tiered approach to reveal a candidate’s media footprint globally, locally, and socially. But most importantly, by using a third-party source, like Barada Associates, you can protect your hiring managers and company from legal risks.

As part of our Key Hire Research (KHR), Barada Associates scours relevant social media platforms and tracks all pertinent information on a candidate. More and more employers are realizing that it’s smart to look at various social media sites to find out more about potential hires. A 2014 survey from CareerBuilder showed that 51 percent of employers who research a candidate on social media found something that caused them not to hire the candidate.

Can Employers Check Social Media Before Hiring?

There are other unresolved issues about using social media screening for job applicants. For example, it hasn’t been definitely established yet as to whether a social media background check amounts to an invasion of a candidate’s privacy. It also hasn’t been established whether or not using a social media check gives an unsuccessful candidate a basis for a claim that the denial of employment was discriminatory.

Some employers worry that they’ll learn something about a candidate, such as age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability that is protected by discrimination laws. The truth is that these risks are real and can haunt businesses should a candidate challenge them on their hiring decision. However, legal risk is mitigated by utilizing a trusted third-party provider to ensure hiring decision-makers aren’t being exposed to information that could be discriminatory.

A comprehensive social media search may save your company time and money in the long run by helping you make a solid hire

Benefits of Checking a Candidate's Social Media Activity

While employers can certainly find out information from a candidate’s social media presence that would disqualify them for a position, they can also learn valuable and positive insights about applicants through social media background checks. For example, you can learn how the candidate treats other people and what their passions are.

A recent survey by Career Builder found that 33% of employers that search a candidate’s social media profiles found information that made them more likely to hire them. Another 23% of employers say the information they found through a social media search led to the direct hiring of the candidate.

If the candidate is posting hateful comments that are deemed sexist, homophobic, and racist, those are obvious red flags, and employers can make the easy decision to pass on that candidate. A social media search can also uncover other inappropriate behavior that would cause an employer to pass on them during the hiring process.

Social media background checks and online searches can also highlight whether there are any discrepancies in what the candidate has told the hiring manager or put on their resume, and what they have posted to their accounts.

Contact Barada for Professional Background Checks

In today’s age, most job applicants have an online presence, and we believe that having a third-party research it is an important piece to the overall hiring process. To avoid any legal ramifications, leave social media background checks to the experts at Barada Associates. For more information or to request a quote, contact the professionals at Barada today.

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