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Celebrating 40 Years In Business

Reference Checking Services

Employment Reference Verification

Professional references from your job candidates help gain an additional level of information on your applicants, beyond what is listed on their resume. It can provide greater insight to a person’s work ethic and abilities. Barada offers reference checking services to help expedite the employment reference verification process HR professionals must complete when screening an applicant.

Applicant Reputation Vetting

Our Professional Reference Reports are based on in-depth interviews with your candidate’s work-related references. We are proud to be the industry leader in this highly specialized field. During our 40 years of reference checking, we have learned that references will often reveal information to a third-party company that they will not share with a hiring firm. That is why our associates employ skilled interview techniques to obtain thorough information from references and compile detailed, objective reports.

Check for Fabricated References

Hiring managers will notice a candidate with multiple references and believe each individual is respected and, at the very least, a real person. Nowadays, with such a competitive job market, it’s easy for a candidate to think their references won’t get called and falsify their required references. That’s why Barada performs comprehensive reference checking services. We understand it’s better to be overly cautious in your hiring process and verify any information your candidates provide.

Comprehensive Character Profile

Our interviews are conducted in an “open-ended,” conversational style so you are getting more than yes/no answers. Each reference report provides a complete view of the candidate’s past job performance along with an indication of how well the candidate will perform if hired by you. Our team will contact your applicant’s references and help you assess their capabilities and reputation. We can develop a specialized reference check that fits your organization if needed.

“We wanted an organization that had innovative and effective ways to improve the screening process. The staff at Barada have been very responsive. They understand how their services can assist us and will suggest creative solutions that meet the needs of the Archdiocese. We have been impressed with everyone from the human element on down.”

Ed Isakson, Human Resources Director, Archdiocese of Indianapolis