Employment Screening

Protect your customers and your staff with complete, customizable background screening services from Barada including Employment and Education Verifications, National Criminal Checks, Civil Court Record Searches, Credit Reports, Driving Records (DMV), Social Security Trace (SSN), Professional License Verification, and Fraud and Abuse Exclusions.

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Reference Checking

A high quality reference check is an important part of every candidate evaluation and essential to creating a complete picture of an individual’s suitability for a position and match for your organization. Through decades of practice we have developed a disciplined approach that enables our associates to read between the lines and get past the standard filters and objections to identify a clearer and more complete candidate portrait.

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High Profile Screening

In today’s 24/7, always-connected business environment, leaders need to be confident that key executives and high profile employees will only appear in tomorrow’s news cycle when they want them to be. Your business can ill afford to be embarrassed by misbehavior and technical omissions from last week, last year or long ago. Get thorough details about a candidate before you make a High Profile hire and be confident that no stone was left unturned.

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Barada Associates | Premier Provider of Employment Screening & Reference Reports

Protect your business from poor hiring decisions and ensure that you get qualified talent.

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It will be the best “hiring” decision you’ll ever make.

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You may be familiar with “bad hire” calculators, which purport to calculate how much it costs a firm to make a bad hiring decision. Those figures pale in comparison with the perils and expenses of making a disastrous executive hire. If your company is publicly traded, the risk is even greater. Consider the following:

  • The Department of Labor estimates it costs between 50% and 200% of an executive’s salary to replace him or her effectively―regardless of how long the person stays.
  • It has been estimated that the average interviewer may make a hiring decision in the first 20 seconds (sometimes as few as four). Executive screening provides the necessary objectivity to prevent rash judgments.
  • One Fortune 500 Technology firm acquired a new executive who misrepresented an MBA from Stanford. When the news broke five years later, an analyst downgraded the company and the firm’s stock dropped by as much as 20%.

Before your company becomes one of these statistics, give Barada Associates a call. It will be the best “hiring” decision you’ll ever make.

Background Screening News

Barada Associates Acquires Indianapolis-Based Screening Firm American Business Services

The integration of the two recognized Indiana firms enables Barada Associates to provide its stellar service to more companies throughout the Midwest and beyond. RUSHVILLE, Ind., September 25, 2018—Barada Associates, Indiana’s premier provider of background screening and reference checking services, today announced the acquisition of American Business Services (ABS), a professional background screening services firm…


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