Barada Team

In September, we welcomed Whitney Barnard as the newest member of our production staff. In that capacity, she releases drafts to start the background screening process and helps with data entry as needed. She says her formal position is still being defined, and notes, “I am open to all tasks that are given to me and excited about upcoming opportunities.”

Prior to joining Barada, Whitney was working in nearby Greensburg, Indiana. She says she is especially grateful for this opportunity, as it has enabled her to return to her hometown of Rushville, Indiana, where her parents still reside.

Whitney also says she really enjoys the dynamics of our office. “We are a small ‘family’ business that does an immense amount of work,” she says. “I like that my coworkers are dedicated and we work in a focus-driven atmosphere, yet everyone will take time to say hi and check in with one another.”

Whitney looks forward to many positive experiences with Barada that will help her grow for years to come. “I have only been with Barada a short time, and I have had a positive and educational experience each day. I want to be successful both in my personal and professional life, and I feel Barada is giving me that balance.”