Background Checks

From creating products to transporting them, companies within the manufacturing industry face a number of challenges that require them to have the right talent in place. The best way to ensure that everyone within the manufacturing business is qualified and reliable is through the use of pre-employment background checks. However, what should be included in a manufacturing industry background check?

In the latest blog from the background screening experts at Barada Associates, we’ll discuss what should typically be included in these types of background checks. 

Drug Testing

The manufacturing industry utilizes many machines that can pose danger to employees. Heavy machinery is incredibly important to accomplishing your tasks as a manufacturing company, but it can also lead to serious workplace accidents and damage. As such, it’s important to make sure that none of your manufacturing employees are using any substances that could potentially cloud their judgment and lead to an accident. 

In addition to the dangers of heavy machinery, productivity will likely drop when employees have drugs in their systems. Protect your company and employees alike by performing drug testing to ensure that your employees stay sober of any substances. 

Employment Eligibility Verification

As with any industry, you want to hire employees that have documented experience in performing tasks similar to those that they’ll be performing with your company. Employment verification services exist to help employers be sure that employees and job candidates have the experience that they claim to have.

Employment verification checks can also be used to predict future performance. An employee’s past performance with a different job or company can be used as an indicator of how they might perform with your manufacturing company.

Criminal Background Check

Criminal background searches for manufacturing companies are a great way to identify risky hires and build trust with your employees and job candidates. While not all prior convictions should immediately disqualify a candidate or potential employee, a criminal background check can help you determine the severity of any previous legal issues.

Any criminal background checks should be conducted in a legal and responsible fashion, complying with local, federal, and state laws.

Driving Record Check

Depending on the type of job that your employee will be performing, performing a driving record check can be very important. If they’ll be driving a vehicle to transport products or materials, you should perform a driving record check to ensure that they can legally operate a motor vehicle. Protect both your company and your employees by having a driving record check performed.

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