When it comes to performing background checks, few are more important or detailed than a background check for higher education positions at private schools and universities.

While performing background checks for private schools and universities, there are state and federal requirements that must be followed to ensure the staff and students are protected. This is why working with a trusted and respected company such as Barada Associates to perform your background checks is so important.

Why Work with a Professional Background Check Company for Higher Education?

As mentioned above, when conducting background checks for potential private school employees, there are multiple legal hoops you need to jump through depending on your state. You will also need to check local and state regulations to ensure your organization meets any and all requirements. This makes performing a background check yourself extremely time-consuming and sometimes confusing to someone unfamiliar with the process. Keep in mind that depending on the school, the potential employee may be required to cover the cost of the background check

At Barada Associates, we take care of all of the steps for you, leaving you more time to focus on the things that you want. We take the time to develop a customized plan for your school’s employment screening process to ensure that our approach is tailored to you and your institution’s individual needs. From getting to know your school, to helping you get exactly what you want out of an employee, working with us is a sure-fire way to know if your potential employees are the right fit or not.

Advantages of Higher Education Background Checks

At the end of the day, when you are hiring for higher education, you are hiring individuals to be around young adults and help nurture future generations. This is an extremely important job and should only be done by qualified and trained professionals.

Many private schools drop the ball when it comes to their hiring process due to the intense work and time needed to perform it correctly. Barada Associates eliminates that work and leaves you with the feeling of accomplishment, knowing that you made the best decision for the future of your institution. We will work tirelessly with you to create a customized background screening process that fits you and your school’s specific needs and wants.

What Is Included in a Higher Ed Background Check?

Barada Associates is the premier background check company in the country, and for good reason. Our background checks are both in-depth and highly accurate to ensure that any company utilizing our services gets exactly what they want. 

For higher education, we offer a multitude of background and pre-employment background screening solutions, including:

  • Criminal Background Check: If your potential employee has a criminal background, that is something you need to know. Our team has been running extensive criminal background checks for years and uses this experience to uncover any past criminal offenses. With something as important as the safety of your staff and students on the line, criminal background checks should never be skipped.
  • Academic Verification: Through our academic verification process, we can know without a doubt your candidate’s academic achievements and accolades. 
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing: No position spends more time around the youth than teachers and employees of private education institutions. This is why we take drug and alcohol testing so seriously so that we can ensure any potential employees do not have a substance abuse problem and are not fit to be around students.
  • Employment Verification: Employment verification allows us to know if the applicant has the experience they say they do. This process lets us know the previous jobs held, any reason for termination, as well as past salaries.
  • Professional Skills & Cognitive Assessments: We use these assessments as a way to ensure that the candidates have the capabilities to perform the job to the employer’s specific standards. This ultimately helps save you time in the long run by knowing which candidates can perform the desired work.

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If you are currently hiring for higher education, don’t take on this massive burden yourself. Let a team of trained professionals take care of it for you!

We are Barada Associates, and we firmly believe in our processes and their ability to help produce the ideal candidates for private schools all over the country. If you would like professional assistance with your company’s background screening process, contact us today!