What is WebCCF®?

In 2013 Barada introduced the idea of a Web Chain of Custody Form (WebCCF®) to streamline what had previously been thought to be a labor intensive process: drug screening.

Since then quite a few of our clients have jumped on board and are making good use of the new process.

Meanwhile we hear from other clients and HR managers still frustrated by the paper forms required by another provider or those who may be avoiding drug testing altogether.

Step into the fast lane with Barada and WebCCF!

Barada Associates, in partnership with Todd Shoulberg from our Medical Review Office, will conduct a webinar on May 22 to demonstrate just how easy drug screening can be with WebCCF®.

Attendees will see a full product demonstration and learn how to save time and energy:

  • Send custom emails to donors along with electronic CCF
  • Set expiration dates for drug screens
  • Receive status emails when donors visit the collection site or don’t show up by the expiration time
  • Save and store WebCCF emails
  • Automatically CC other staff on WebCCF emails as needed
  • Fully integrated with both LabCorp and Quest
  • Available for all non-DOT urine, hair and rapid tests
  • Select and view lab locations on Google maps
  • Opt for a paper form when a qualifying lab is not available or convenient

Register now for this important webinar and learn how to streamline your drug testing with WebCCF plus get answers to your legal and medical questions regarding the process from our Medical Review Office.