Customer Service

What happened to picking up the phone and actually talking?  What happened to calling a company and speaking with a receptionist to get a quick response to an urgent question?

Welcome to the world of automated answering services, answering machines, email and texting.  There is no way to get a quick answer or place an urgent call when there is no live person on the other end actually hearing and responding.

It truly concerns me that no one has time to talk today.  Did anyone ever consider that they don’t have time to talk because they are spending so much time going back and forth by email or text, or playing phone tag leaving message after message on each other’s voicemail?  What could conceivably be taken care of in a matter of minutes takes a day through the current methods of communication.

I have three daughters, serve as an assistant cheerleading coach at our local high school, and work with a lot of people who are never without their cell phones.  I absolutely understand that we would not survive if we didn’t have our phones.  It is entertaining to watch people with their phones and the texting that goes on.

Barada Associates’ Customer Service was built on “personal” service.  We have someone answering the phone every time it rings during business hours.  If you get a recording, it is only because we have so many lines ringing that we can’t answer all of them or the office is closed.

You can speak with a live person after hours, weekends and holidays if you call our cell phones – numbers which we always provide our clients to ensure they get that personal service anytime it is needed.

So if you need to talk, call us.  We are happy to communicate in any fashion that works best for you, but we enjoy having conversations with you.