Background Checks

The new European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings tough compliance challenges for any company that exchanges data with EU companies or has EU customers or employees. All companies that hire contractors or employees from the EU and need to obtain personal information or employment histories are impacted by these restrictions and regulations.

TRUSTe, a leading data privacy management company, is now offering a package of solutions to help companies meet the stringent new requirements. The organization has also signaled its intent to pursue accreditation as a data protection seal provider under the new Regulation.

Privacy experts report that the GDPR is a significant, global privacy law that extends the reach of European consumer protections around the globe. It is part of a sweeping movement in the EU to provide greater protections to the data of its citizens. The EU and the U.S. have also been embroiled in negotiations about the future of data exchange across the Atlantic after the collapse of the Safe Harbor framework, which formerly governed data exchange.