Background Checks

Our Key Hire Research product, which was recently announced, is truly a ground-breaking leap forward in providing the most thorough vetting instrument for key hiring decisions.  To my knowledge, there is nothing comparable to it anywhere in the marketplace!

Thirty-five years ago, our reference reports were also ground-breaking in the pre-employment screening industry.  There was nothing comparable to them,  in terms of both quality and thoroughness, in the marketplace.  Now, we have created the next generation in comprehensive screening methodology designed to check candidates even more thoroughly  for high profile positions within an organization.

The Key Hire Research product covers everything an employer could possibly want to know about a candidate for top positions within any organization.  It’s all there!  And, yet, prospective employers can still customize the reference checking portion of the product to address issues unique to their corporate culture or the requirements of the position.

Key Hire Research was not created for those employers who merely want to be able to show that they did “something” prior to making a hiring decision – to avoid the possibility of being accused of negligent hiring.  Key Hire Research is for those employers who are genuinely concerned about making the best hiring decision possible for those positions that are the most visible and individuals who “may in the future become the face of the company.”

There truly is nothing like our Key Hire Research in the employment world.  If your organization is in the process of making a critical hiring decision, call us.  Our Key Hire Research may be exactly what you’ve been looking for!