FCRA Guidlines

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, known as FCRA to employers and companies in the screening industry, is a complex act that governs actions by organizations classified as “Credit Reporting Agencies.” This broad classification covers nearly every firm that provides, obtains and/or uses credit information or credit reports, and FCRA can be a landmine for the unwary. Organizations sued in class actions for FCRA violations have been ordered to pay millions of dollars in damages to individuals who were potentially harmed by company actions—even though they were using credit information obtained for them by another firm.

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) offers FCRA Certification Programs that help professional employment screening firms and other CRAs comply with the guidelines of FCRA and uphold best practices. FCRA Advanced Certification, which represents cutting-edge education on FCRA compliance issues, is a high-level certification available only to individuals with current FCRA Basic Certification. Two Barada Associates employees, Director of Client Services Mardella Huskins and Associate Brennan Ward, recently earned the advanced certification.

We urge any organization seeking the services of a background screening firm to ensure the firm’s representatives have NAPBS FCRA training. Some of their personnel should have earned FCRA Advanced certification. If you have any further questions about FCRA or FCRA Certification, feel free to give us a call at (765) 932-5917.