Background Checks

Government employee background checks are required of anyone applying for a federal government job. These are used to ensure that a potential employee is of good conduct and character. While the length and extent of a government employee background check will vary depending on the job in question, they are accurate and reliable ways to determine if a candidate checks all of the necessary boxes.

In our newest blog post, Barada Associates discusses what a government employee background check involves, why they’re so important, and the dangers of a bad hire.

What Does a Government Background Check Involve?

Each government employee background check will likely look different, as each job has different security clearances and responsibilities that others may not. Generally speaking, however, government employee background checks often screen:

  • State and nationwide credit records
  • Court searches and records
  • Drug and alcohol screenings
  • Sex offender registries
  • Past employment and education verification
  • License and certification verification
  • DMV records

No matter the position, your background check should be thorough enough to answer any questions that you may have about your local, state or federal job candidate.

Why is a Government Background Check Important?

Trust is a necessary trait to have among two parties. Perhaps nowhere is it more important than at the workplace. A government background check can help ensure that your employee can be trusted before even their first day on the job.

Though we wish everybody was exactly who they say that they are, we’ve found that isn’t always the case. Performing a background check on any serious job candidate is a great way to not only learn about their character, but also to verify any past experience or education.

The hiring process can often be long and stressful. Government background checks can help by eliminating any concerns that you may have about hiring a new employee. 

The Dangers of a Bad Hire

Federal laws are already in place to ensure that any confidential information is protected. Background checks, however, can act as an additional safeguard and layer of protection to ensure that private and valuable information remains secure. Hiring an employee that you’re not sure you can trust can put information and secure data at risk.

Additionally, making a bad hire can also impact productivity. Not only can your new employee cause decreased productivity on their own, but their effect on other employees can decrease morale and cause their coworkers’ productivity to drop as well. 

Local, state and federal agencies are entrusted with valuable and confidential data and information that should only be accessed by the most trustworthy individuals. Avoid making a bad hire and losing confidential information by conducting a government employee background check.

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