Background Checks

Recruiter questions about background checks are always changing. Resources change, social media evolves, and it is difficult to keep up! As a recruiter, stay on top of the latest methods and trends to find the best candidates for your company.

When a colleague is in a rush to fill a vacancy, it is tempting to speed through the background check process. However, it is far easier and less expensive to reject a candidate for a position early than to fire an employee later.

Companies invest a lot of money and time in recruiting, onboarding, training and more. Preparation is worth it when you think about starting the process over again.

Below are a few situations to consider when you recruit employees to join your company. Barada Associates is here to answer all recruiter questions about background checks to improve your hiring process.

Quality Over Speed

When you think you have found the perfect employee, ignore the impulse to hire as soon as possible. Wait for a thorough background check, even when the wait feels tedious. It is important to complete a thorough background check on even the seemingly perfect candidate, to ensure you are not missing something important.

The best way to ensure your background checks are thorough is to hire a reputable background check company. These companies have the resources and experience necessary to provide a thorough background check using the most advanced technology.

It is always better to favor quality over speed in the hiring process. The employee you hire may be with your company for years to come, have great responsibility with financial matters or clients. It’s not a decision you want to regret. Background check companies, especially those with decades of experience like Barada Associates, are a great resource for all recruiter questions about background checks.

Typical Background Check Process Overview

  1. Applicant consents to the check and provides personal information, including date of birth and social security number.
  2. Professional screening firm uses supplied information to positively identify and to add checks based on the client’s scope. This may be due to specific job duties, responsibilities, or level. Some positions include use of a corporate credit card, for example. A credit check is, therefore, included.
  3. Professional screening firm receives records from sources and prepares a report pursuant to legal and client’s requirements.
  4. The report is sent from the screening firm to the employer.
  5. The applicant has the opportunity to dispute any aspect of the report through communication with the employer or as in some cases, independently with one of the credit bureaus, for example.
  6. Professional screening firm reinvestigates any disputes.

Social Media

Recruiter questions about background checks often involve social media. To what extent are you to use and trust social media? As with much in this industry, it depends.

Some states prohibit using social media accounts in the hiring process to prevent discrimination based on information found on those accounts. Be sure you’re familiar with your state’s laws.

If a candidate is considered for a social media position, a search of his or her social media posts is often relevant. As an employer, you must first ensure you review the correct account.

Many people have the same names and do not provide identifying photographs or other information in their profile. Should any hiring decision be made based on a social media post, the employer must be able to prove they used the correct social media account to make that decision.

Aside from social media jobs, cautiously review social media accounts and profiles. It’s not unusual to embellish information, portray a somewhat inaccurate persona, or provide other misleading information on social media.

In addition, a friend may have tagged your candidate in a photo or post the candidate wouldn’t post themselves.

Social media is useful if you post a job on LinkedIn or found your candidates through that site. A LinkedIn account is a great way to review a candidate’s portfolio, skills, or additional recommendations. It also helps jog your memory when you simultaneously review several applications.

Spot Falsehoods

To make themselves stand out from a pool of candidates, applicants may include falsehoods or embellish the truth. Many recruiter questions about background checks include how to spot falsehoods. A good background check company verifies all information found on a resume. Some common areas where candidates provide false information are:

  • Include awards or recognition not received
  • Report degrees they did not actually obtain
  • Include job titles not held
  • Misrepresent employment dates (especially if they left under bad terms)
  • Include false names of companies where they worked

Because companies close and merge, people divorce/marry and some universities close their doors, certain information is sometimes difficult to verify. That is when the experience of a good background check company is exceedingly helpful.

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