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When running a successful business, few things matter as much as finding high-quality employees, which is often easier said than done. Even if your prospective employee does well in their interview and passes the reference check, it can still be challenging to know if they possess the skills to complete the job optimally. That is where professional skill assessments come into play.

What Is a Skills Assessment Test?

A professional skills assessment is when a company asks job candidates to complete a series of “tests” that help determine if they have proficiency in handling the skills they are being tested on. This can range from basic reading skills to high-level math and comprehension tests.

At Barada Associates, we believe that skills assessment tests are one of the best ways to see a job candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and training gaps, which is invaluable information for a company attempting to fill a role.

What Is Included in a Skills Assessment?

When your skills/cognitive assessments are done through Barada Associates, you will receive a custom approach for your business. We offer multiple tests/assessments to help you find the perfect new hire.

Cognitive or behavioral assessments are great at determining whether a candidate has the right attitude and mindset for a position like management or sales. We also offer various highly accredited personality tests. These help employers know what their candidate’s technical or soft skills are and can be used as a way to see how they would fit into the culture of your office.

We will take the time to create a custom plan made for your business’ unique pre-employment needs.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Professional Skills Testing

When you are reviewing your job applicants during the hiring process, it can quickly become overwhelming. With the job market as hot as it is, you could receive applications in the hundreds. Pre-employment skills tests will help you narrow down your candidates to ones you can feel confident performing the job.

Some of the benefits our clients have noticed when employing skills testing include:

Confidence in Your Candidates

If there is one thing that hiring managers, business owners, and decision-makers have in common, it’s the desire to feel confident in their choices, which extends to the hiring process. Choosing a new employee and bringing them onto your team is no small feat, and you should not feel worried about a potential hire’s skill set when preparing to send them an offer. You can feel confident in your hiring decisions when you have them pass a skills assessment, knowing they can handle the job before it has even begun!

Removes the Bias

Skills assessments are evidence-based, meaning the candidate can be judged solely on their skills, allowing all bias to be removed from the hiring process. This helps hiring managers and business owners to truly find the best overall candidate out of a large pool.

Saves Business Time

Giving time back to a business is as effective as putting money in their pocket! One of the biggest reasons Barada Associates is an authority in the skills assessment space is because we know how valuable they can be to companies when it comes to saving time. Knowing which candidates already possess the needed skills for a job can save you hours in time. When you can shorten and optimize any part of the hiring process, you save a business time recruiting when they could be working on something else.

Does My Business Need Skill Assessments?

If your business is in the market wanting high-quality employees with relevant experience, then the answer is “yes.” Regardless of the industry, any company can benefit from implementing professional skill assessments into its hiring process. Whether hiring for an entry-level food service job or a high-grade management position, a professional skill assessment can help your company save time, gain confidence, and remove bias from the employment process

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