Barada Associates, Indiana’s premier provider of background screening and reference checking services, today announced the availability of Key Hire Research, a new screening methodology designed to help the leaders of today’s companies thoroughly vet candidates for their most high profile positions.

“Key Hire Research (KHR) profiles and verifies not only the information on a candidate’s resume, but also includes a comprehensive reference report, social media and traditional media audit that helps to ensure the profile a candidate portrays in public is consistent with the image a firm wants for its organization,” explains Will Barada, President of Barada Associates.

KHR employs time-tested strategies and process for legally collecting as much information as possible about applicants for an organization’s most important and highly visible employment opportunities. Key Hire Research works to confirm, verify, validate and investigate the information high profile candidates for employment claim about themselves as well as all public information available for those candidates.

KHR utilizes the entire tool kit available to employers, including:

  • Professional and Developed Reference Reporting (conducted by professional interviewers)
  • Industry Leading Media Searches (to include social medial sources)
  • Application and Resume Validation (anything the applicant claims… we check it)
  • Industry Leading Public Information Search (all relevant public data repositories and all relevant names and alias’)

“As the background screening industry has become increasingly commoditized, employers of all sizes expect and demand the lowest possible price from providers to do a ‘background check’,” continued Barada. “Regrettably these checks rarely yield the kind of detailed information required to screen applicants who may in the future become the face of the company.”

KHR is the product of more than 35 years of experience in the Consumer Reporting and Investigative Consumer Reporting industries.

About Barada Associates

Founded by Paul W. Barada in 1979, Barada Associates was one of the first employment screening businesses. Today, Barada Associates provides reference reports, employment verifications and background checks to employers nationwide. Our professional reports and thorough research give our clients a clear hiring advantage. Barada Associates remains headquartered in its original building in Rushville, Indiana. For more information, visit www.baradainc.com.