The integration of the two recognized Indiana firms enables Barada Associates to provide its stellar service to more companies throughout the Midwest and beyond.

RUSHVILLE, Ind., September 25, 2018—Barada Associates, Indiana’s premier provider of background screening and reference checking services, today announced the acquisition of American Business Services (ABS), a professional background screening services firm formerly based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Combined, the two firms will unite 60 years of screening expertise under a single banner.

“This acquisition is a great move for both companies,” said Barada Associates President Will Barada. “Not only does it allow us to expand our footprint; it also gives the ABS client base access to a broader range of products and services.” Barada has long been noted nationally for its 24/7 U.S.-based customer service, industry-leading background screening, in-depth reference interview process and electronic data entry portal, which is designed for ease of integration with existing systems.

ABS was founded in 1988 by Steve Neal, a former law enforcement officer. Neal’s experience in this area afforded him unique insights into the screening industry and its practices, enabling ABS to gain significant standing for its expertise in database and records research.

“In the background screening industry, thoroughness and accuracy are absolutely vital,” said Barada. “ABS Screening’s reputation for high-quality research was a key factor in our decision to move forward with the acquisition. It perfectly complements our own meticulous approach to background screening.”

Neal’s second in command, Debbie Darko, was formerly head of customer service at ABS. She will be joining the Barada Associates team, where she will ensure service consistency for ABS clients as they transition to Barada Associates. For the past eight years, ABS has shared Barada’s operational and security platforms, which will also help ensure a seamless cutover for the companies ABS has been servicing.

“Our union with Barada Associates will cause virtually no disruption for ABS clients and will result in stronger customer service for them,” Neal said at the announcement. “We are confident they will realize significant benefit from Baradas Associates’ deeply experienced service team and enhanced screening offerings.”

About Barada Associates

Founded by Paul W. Barada in 1979, Barada Associates was one of the world’s first employment screening businesses. The company provides reference reports, employment verifications and background checks to employers nationwide and is widely recognized as a premier provider of reference reports. Barada Associates and its staff are committed to offering the highest level of customer service, legal compliance and ease of process. The firm’s professional reports and thorough research give its clients a clear hiring advantage. For more information, visit www.baradainc.com.