Background Checks

Many companies across the country require drug testing as a condition of employment – and for good reason. Employees who are more likely to show up to work with drugs or alcohol in their systems are a danger to not only customers and co-workers but the entire community around them.

Employees who take drugs during the workday are also less productive than their co-workers and are more prone to mistakes, violence, and if the job involves driving or operating machinery, serious and deadly accidents.

If your company doesn’t already have a pre-employment drug or substance policy in place, talk to the background checking experts at Barada Associates. Barada is one of the country’s oldest and most trusted suppliers of pre-employment background checks to businesses across the country.

How is a Pre-Employment Drug Test Administered?

Pre-employment drug tests are typically administered after the prospect has accepted an offer but before their first day of employment. A urine drug test is the standard type of drug test, but other types of pre-employment drug tests may include a hair test, blood test, and saliva test.

It’s important to be transparent early in the hiring process by mentioning a required drug test is part of the hiring process so people are aware this is a requirement for employment. Even a mention of a required pre-employment drug test in the job application should deter most drug users from applying for a position within your company or organization.

Barada Associates partners with a network of reputable national laboratories to process five-panel and 10-panel urinalysis, hair testing, and breathalyzer drug tests at convenient locations throughout the country. Barada also provides instant-read tests for immediate drug test results at your place of business for companies with appropriate policies and experience administering such pre-employment drug tests.

A standard pre-employment drug test screens for drugs and substances such as THC (marijuana), methamphetamine (ecstasy), amphetamine, cocaine (Crack), opiates (morphine), PCP, methadone, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and tricyclic antidepressants. Additional drugs and chemicals may also be searched upon request.

Each positive pre-employment drug test is verified by a licensed medical doctor before Barada returns them confidentially and securely to the employer.

Drug Screening by the Numbers

According to the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, positive drug tests are on the rise. The general workforce positivity rate increased from 4.8 percent in 2015 to 5.1 percent in 2018, with marijuana being the most commonly detected drug. The drug test positivity rate among the non-safety-sensitive workforce in the United States is at 4.5 percent, the highest non-safety-sensitive workforce rate since 2004, according to the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance.

The Alliance also noted that current illegal drug users account for up to 40 percent of all industrial fatalities.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Just a few of the many benefits of conducting pre-employment background screenings include:

Increased Productivity

Drug use in the workplace has many negative effects, with decreased productivity one of them. Pre-employment drug testing can play a role in improving absenteeism levels, low morale, and job performance by weeding out potential employers who are more likely to use drugs.

A Safer Work Environment

It’s not a surprise that employees who are under the influence may create a dangerous situation, especially for those who drive, handle heavy machinery, manage other employees, or are responsible for sensitive company information.

Using drugs on the job may increase accident rates, impair decision-making, and reduce reaction time. Pre-employment drug screenings help promote a safer, more positive, and healthier workplace and environment for all employees.

Cost Savings for Employers

Hiring drug-free workers will improve a company’s bottom line. Employees who are unproductive cost companies money, as do workers who are terminated for drug use, causing the company to find replacement employees. Drug users will often require more frequent medical attention, too, which increases a company’s healthcare costs.

Reduced Chance of Legal Liability

Speaking of cost savings, employers face steep financial costs if one of their employees injures or kills someone while on the job. Without pre-employment drug testing, employers may not accurately be able to identify people who pose a risk to the workplace and the community. Minimizing the potential for dangerous accidents will also reduce the chance of legal liability.

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When you hire Barada Associates to handle your company’s pre-employment drug testing, your company will have the peace of mind knowing that all of our pre-employment drug tests are conducted in a professional, sensitive, and accurate way. For more information about any service that we offer, or to request a quote, contact Barada today.