Background Checks

Pizza and the Anesthesiologist

 Recently, I wrote a piece about fake doctors.  Putting it together reminded me of a humorous, but frightening, true story.  It’s about an anesthesiologist who came into a surgical suite trying to eat a piece of pizza through his surgical mask.  As might be expected, the surgeon was more than a little concerned.  To make a long story short, the hospital did a background check on the anesthesiologist and found that he had been disbarred in three other states for substance abuse!  The hospital where he had been most recently working hadn’t bothered to check his credentials when he was hired.
 Rhetorically speaking, one must ask the question, “How would you have liked to have been the person on the operating table?”  The point is it’s seldom enough just to confirm that a doctor really is one.  It’s equally important to check his professional reputation before allowing him access to patients.