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Medical Degree Verification Services

When your medical institution is hiring, you’ll want to see the best in all of your candidates. Unfortunately, not all potential hires are honest about their qualifications. Whether it’s a residency program, fellowship program, or a full-time hospital job, Barada Associates knows the importance of hiring a candidate with the proper training and education from a legitimate medical school.

Our medical degree verification services provide 100% accurate background checks that will ensure you always hire the most qualified person for the job. We can tell you if your prospective employee completed the MD degree they claim to have and if their university was a legitimate institution.

Don’t be fooled by a false diploma. Call Barada Associates for all of our academic verification services today.

Our Verification Process

For more than 40 years, Barada Associates has performed thorough, highly-accurate background tests, from academic to criminal. Our checking procedure uses the most innovative tools of the trade and delivers results within 48 hours.

When you submit a verification request, we won’t just confirm enrollment, but also attendance and/or graduation dates. If they did graduate, we will also formally review the specific issuing institution from which they received the degree.

Our expert team knows that your company’s reputation relies on the performance of your employees. When we verify the medical degrees of your candidates, we will ensure your new hire has the specialized knowledge and training to benefit your medical business.

Other Types of Academic Verification

At Barada Associates, we specialize in academic verification solutions for a wide variety of degree fields. All of our standard employment and academic background checks review any and all post-high school educational claims and certifications.

We contact the necessary institutions to complete your verification requests as quickly as possible without sacrificing the accuracy of our report. Our primary source verification can be as broad or detailed as necessary, even including a medical student performance evaluation or transcript if necessary.

Choose Barada Associates for all of your academic verification needs today.

Benefits of Degree Verifications

Criminal background checks and credit history checks tend to be utilized more often than medical degree verification. But according to the FBI, education history is the second most common information falsified on resumes and job applications.

If your company decides not to investigate the medical degrees of your newest candidates, you could risk letting unqualified and dishonest individuals through the door. While lying about academic records may not seem as dangerous as some other falsehoods, it can prove detrimental to your business if not caught.

Maybe the new hire is asked to perform an important medical procedure based on their false degree that they’ve never actually done. This could result in harm to your patient and the success of your company.

Our professionals at Barada Associates can protect your company from these scenarios by weeding out fake and exaggerated credentials before you make a final hiring decision.

Accurate Results Since 1979

Don’t let a deceptive, inadequate candidate fool your hiring managers with a falsified medical degree. Take advantage of our team’s 40-plus years of academic and degree verification experience. When you bring a job candidate forward, we will also provide you with the most accurate and timely information about their resume so that you can be fully confident in all of your hiring decisions.

Take that peace of mind a step further with our entire selection of background screening services. Contact Barada Associates today for academic screening results you can trust.

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