Background Checks

One of the most serious mistakes an employer can make is assuming that the same background check will fit every new hire being made.  Some basic background checks are probably necessary for every new hire, but that’s about where the sameness ends.

At the very least, a thorough criminal court check probably should be done on every candidate being seriously considered for employment; but, beyond that, what’s checked ought to be tailored to match the requirements and importance of the job being filled.

For example, if the job requires handling company finances, doing a credit check makes perfectly good sense.  On the other hand, if handling company money isn’t part of the job, why bother with a credit check?

If, for instance, the job is at the managerial level or higher, it makes sense to do careful reference checking.  If, on the other hand, the job is an hourly position, checking references probably isn’t necessary.  However, if the employer wants to be very cautious, an abbreviated form of reference checking might be in order.

Therefore, the company you choose to do your pre-employment screening should be able to help you tailor the right package of background services to fit the requirements of the position to be filled.

The point clearly is one size does not fit all when if comes to background screening.