Background Checks

From the prospective employer’s standpoint, Barada’s newest product, Key Hire Research, combines in a single document the very best of thirty-five years of our experience in pre-employment screening.  Key Hire Research is designed for the very top-tier positions within any organization.  It brings together professional and developed references, industry leading media searches, validation of applications and resumes – as president Will Barada put it, “anything an applicant claims…we check it.”  The final touch is the most comprehensive public information search possible.

Taken all together, Key Hire Research offers employers a state-of-the-art document not available from anyone except Barada Associates.  In addition, our lawyers have gone over every component of Key Hire Research to insure that it’s totally compliant with all provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Furthermore, none of the information gathered about a top-tier candidate is obtained without the candidate’s knowledge.  The entire exercise is an aboveboard undertaking.  We’ve never believed in the “sneak and peek” tactics used by some.  What makes us different is the skill and expertise of our associates.  All that’s really required of the prospective candidate is signing a comprehensive release that gives us express permission to do the job for the prospective employer!

So, the next time you’re facing a major hiring decision that could impact your organization for years to come, call us.  We’ll provide you with a document, either online or a hardcopy, that will help insure the right hiring decision is made with Key Hire Research!  You can also reach us at