Negligent hiring goes beyond simply making a bad hire. It is the failure of an employer to use reasonable care in the selection of an employee that results in injury to an innocent third party. 

The way to minimize the risk of being accused of negligent hiring is to use reasonable care under the circumstances in the hiring process. Naturally, that means it’s always better to collect as much information about a candidate as possible.

Background Checking Services to Avoid Negligent Hiring Claims

One area that is often overlooked by employers is failing to check that the candidate has a valid license required for the position. For example, checking a medical license or a license to practice law are the most frequently overlooked checks. There is a presumption that anyone claiming to be a physician or a lawyer would never falsify a license. 

However, that’s not always the case. To ensure that your potential employees are exactly who they claim to be, be sure to perform a Professional License & Certificate Confirmation background test. Doing so will confirm that they have all of the necessary licenses and certification to safely and effectively perform the job that they’re being hired for.

How Background Checks Mitigate Risk

There are varying levels of risk with each hiring decision that you make. While risk can never be eliminated altogether, it can be minimized significantly by putting the right procedures in place. Taking the time to perform a background check and ensure that any candidates truly have the necessary credentials can be the difference between making a good or bad hiring decision. It’s also important to conduct criminal background checks on job candidates.

Just as a careful employer would check to see if a candidate for a teaching position really has a teaching license, it’s even more important to check out the licenses of people seeking employment as a doctor or lawyer. Why? Because the risk of harm to innocent third parties is even greater for doctors and lawyers. The point is, if the job requires being filled by someone with a license to do it, it just makes good sense to check first rather than be sorry later.

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