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The hiring process can be long and tedious at times. This can seem true not just for the candidate desperately seeking a job, but also for a company that has several open positions that need filled immediately.

Determining how long the hiring process might take can be a guessing game. In our most recent blog, the background screening professionals at Barada Associates explore how long the hiring process takes and what factors contribute to the length of time that goes into filling a position. We’ll also touch on how hiring a reputable background checking company to perform screenings can significantly improve the speed of the hiring process.

What Is the Average Length of the Hiring Process?

During non-pandemic times, the average length of the hiring process in the United States is about 23 days, according to a study from Glassdoor Economic Research. But again, that’s just an average, as some hiring managers take much longer to fill positions depending on the industry and the type of positions.

For example, jobs at restaurants typically only take an average of 10 days to fill, while a government job might take as long as 53 days to fill, according to Glassdoor. The speed of hiring can also be largely affected by the area in which you live. Workers in Kansas City, MO, report an average interview process of 16.9 days, while Washington D.C. has an average hiring time of 33.2 days, largely because of the large number of government jobs.

How COVID-19 Has Affected the Hiring Process

It’s important to note that the length it takes an employer to make a hiring decision has shortened recently in some areas of the country due to COVID-19, which has caused many workers to rethink their careers, long-term goals and work conditions. Although it’s unclear how much the pandemic has shortened the hiring process, 4 million Americans quit their jobs in June (2021), leading to a record-breaking 11 million job openings in July. Many media outlets have called the movement the Great Resignation.

Although some industries haven’t been affected as much as others, it’s left many employers across a wide range of industries scrambling to fill jobs. Some job analysts predict that during the upcoming holiday season in 2021, candidates may hear back from employers within 30 minutes. In Chicago, the UPS has made hiring decisions in as little as 30 minutes as it tries to fill thousands of seasonal jobs, according to media reports.

It’s important to note that companies should never skip background checks even when the demand for employees is high, as this can lead to subpar hires and can present safety issues for your company and employees.

Why Can the Hiring Process Take so Long in Some Cases?

In some industries, though, the hiring process can still seem long. A few reasons for this include:

  • The hiring manager is planning on interviewing several candidates as they hope to find that perfect candidate.
  • A key decision maker is on vacation or traveling for work, or there are several people involved in the final decision-making process.
  • Employers are taking more time vetting job seekers, as the cost of a bad hire can cost a company thousands of dollars.
  • You were one of the first candidates interviewed.
  • The job was temporarily put on hold.
  • There’s a large pool of qualified candidates.
  • Multiple job interviews.
  • Background checking job candidates.

How Background Checks Affect the Hiring Process

When human resource departments attempt to handle background checks in-house, or work with several vendors, it can significantly slow down the process. However, when you work with a credible background screening company such as Barada Associates, we can often have a complete background check in as little as 48 hours.

A professional background screening company such as Barada Associates ensures all of the required documentation and information to produce a full background check is collected and completed. You can immediately access the results of the background check through our gated and secure portal.

Contact Barada Associates for Reliable Background Check Services

Given the type of job, the industry and the changing job landscape due to COVID-19, it can be difficult to determine how long the hiring process can take. But one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to keep the hiring process on track is to hire a reputable background screening service such as Barada Associates. For more information about our services or to request a quote, contact us today.