Background Checks

Background checks are important for any applicant. A hotel or hospitality background check is particularly important for the safety of guests and fellow employees. Oftentimes, hospitality employees work unsupervised, and a company must be able to trust the employee to be safe, reliable, and represent the company in a positive way.

When most people think of a background screening, they simply consider a criminal record check. A thorough background check, though, is that and so much more. A good hospitality background check includes:

  • Education check for degrees obtained
  • Thorough employment history check
  • Reference check
  • Driving record
  • Social Security number checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Sex offender registry
  • Drug testing

Remember that your company needs a background check policy that covers all applicants in all departments. Contact Barada Associates today for more information about our employer background checks for hiring.

Importance of Instituting a Background Check Policy in the Hotel Industry

Many positions in a hotel operate without direct or constant supervision. These positions often operate overnight and with access to guests’ personal belongings and rooms. Employees who are trustworthy and emotionally stable are important to the success of your business.

When hotel employees handle money, serve alcohol, transport guests, and handle personal belongings, take special care to properly use a thorough and specialized hospitality background check policy. The safety of guests is of the utmost importance, therefore the reliability of your employees is, too.

In order to mitigate your company’s risk, human resources must order a thorough background check before any applicant is hired. These checks tell you if an employee has an arrest record, has obtained degrees claimed, and has a safe driving record. These tests also help identify an ideal candidate who is most likely to represent your company well for years to come.

What Hospitality Companies Screen for

With the variety of jobs in a hotel, customized background checks are ideal for your different roles. For example, if a potential employee will serve alcohol, run a criminal history and driving record scan to check for any alcohol-related charges. For a management position, also order an education check to ensure the potential employee has obtained the degree he or she claims.

As some hotel employees regularly enter guests’ rooms and almost all interact directly with the public, reference checks and employment history checks, in addition to a criminal background search and sex offender check, are important for the safety of your guests and the reputation of your hotel.

A good background check partner is able to suggest a customized hospitality background check and assist you every step of the way. You can trust Barada Associates for all of your hotel’s background checking services.

How Barada Associates Performs Background Checks for the Hospitality Industry

In conclusion, Barada Associates has a rich history of conducting comprehensive background checks for employers all over the country. Founded in 1979 by Paul W. Barada, Barada Associates was one of the first background check companies in the country. Paul is considered a national expert in the area of background verification and has written extensively on the topic.

Barada Associates has a reputation for providing premier background reports to their clients. We have the skills and experience to walk through the process with you and offer suggestions to improve your process and results. Contact Barada Associates today to see the difference our experience offers you. It’s our job to make sure you only hire the best possible employees and staff that your hotel needs to succeed and reduce the chance of making a hiring mistake.