Background Checks

There’s been a tidal wave of resignations across the United States in recent months, leading many to call the movement the Great Resignation. In the month of June (2021), 4 million Americans quit their jobs, leading to a record-breaking 11 million job openings at the end of July, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The trend is expected to continue.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has led many employees to rethink their work conditions, careers and long-term goals – leading to the so-called Great Resignation – it’s left employers across the country scrambling to hire unfilled positions, many of which have sat vacant for weeks or months.

At Barada Associates, we understand the importance of filling these positions as quickly as possible to return to normal work conditions. However, a hiring shortage shouldn’t mean skipping pre-employment background checks, which we’ll discuss in our most recent blog.

The Importance of Background Checking Your Qualified Candidates

Even for companies desperate to refill positions or make additional hires in the face of a talent shortage, it’s important to still conduct business as usual by background screening candidates. The most common employee screenings include:

Skipping this crucial step can cost your company valuable resources, time and money. Just a few of the benefits of employee background screenings include:

Improved Quality of Hire

Confirming past jobs, titles, dates of employment and relevant licenses and certifications, ensure the candidate has the right experience and qualifications for the job. Reference checking is also a great way to confirm potential employees have the skills they say they have and the experience for the job.

Reduction in Negligent Hiring

Failing to background check employees can lead to expensive lawsuits if the employer is held liable for the employees’ actions. For example, if a company failed to background check an employee during the hiring process – and that employee ends up injuring another employee or customer – the company can be held accountable.

Improved Safety and Security

Although certain criminal convictions shouldn’t necessarily rule out a candidate for some positions, it’s important to review a job seeker’s criminal history to ensure the safety of workers and employees. Unknowingly hiring candidates with a long history of criminal behavior, especially violent in nature, can lead to workplace accidents, theft, and violence.

Decreased Turnover Rate

The more you know about a candidate, whether it’s through interviews or a background check, the better decision you can make regarding whether he or she is a good fit for the company. Hiring the right fit for your company helps reduce a company’s turnover rate.

Why Trust Barada Associates for Background Screening?

Established in 1979, Barada Associates is one of the oldest and most trusted background screening companies in the nation. We understand that many companies in today’s job landscape are experiencing a labor shortage and need to hire employees quickly, but that doesn’t mean you should take shortcuts when it comes to something as important as background screening your job applicants. 

Trust the professionals at Barada Associates to perform accurate and extensive background checks in a timely manner. Contact us today for a free consultation or to request a quote.