Hiring employees for your company is arguably one of the most difficult things about operating a successful business. For decades, employers have waded through hundreds of paper resumes and performed dozens of in-person interviews in hopes of finding the ideal candidate.

In today’s age, they are met with a different set of challenges, as well as advantages, in the hiring process. From vetting online profiles to hiring for remote positions, things have changed in 2022, and here is what to expect when you are hiring!

Biggest Changes to the Hiring Process in 2022

As an employer in 2022, you are well aware of the abrupt changes that have been made to the workplace in recent times. New technologies have allowed businesses to scale at an exponential rate, but this has left some companies behind on the times. 

If your business is not adapting to the modern-day systems and processes, both your business and the hiring process could struggle. Listed below are what we consider to be some of the biggest hiring trends and changes that are affecting the hiring process in 2022.

Remote/Hybrid Offices

If you have been involved in hiring at any level in the last year, then the terms “hybrid” or “remote work” quickly became a part of your vocabulary. 

Remote and hybrid work really kicked off when COVID-19 did, and businesses were left scrambling to find a solution to the stay-at-home orders. Allowing employees to work from home, if applicable, answered that problem. While some employers were unhappy, the majority of employees enjoyed their newfound freedoms. According to a recent poll,59% of employees prefer a hybrid work environment and just 9% want to return to fully onsite work.

Hiring for a remote or hybrid position differs from traditional hiring. You can now expand the reach of who you allow to apply for your job postings, greatly broadening your company’s talent acquisition abilities.

You will also want to make sure you are including if the office is remote, hybrid, or fully onsite during the initial interviewing process as potential job candidates are often searching for that information.

Hiring Gen-Z

It is 2022, and that means that a new generation has entered the professional workplace with their own unique recruiting trends. Generation Z is made up of people born between 1997 and 2012, putting them roughly between the ages of 10 and 25. This means that while a small amount of Generation Z is already in the workforce, they are just the tip of the iceberg. 

You and your company need to be prepared for the unavoidable influx of Generation Z that will be seeking employment and how to best apply your hiring process to them. Some of the most notable traits that Generation Z carries that may affect the hiring process include:

  • Little to no job history
  • Lack of traditional social skills
  • Heavy online presence
  • Digital documentation

While your company may have to adjust its hiring processes to better accommodate Generation Z in 2022, it is for the best. The better you accommodate your potential Gen Z hires, the higher chance of you finding qualified candidates, which in the long run will allow your business to grow and succeed for years to come

Advanced Background Screening

Let’s be honest, hiring a new employee can be extremely daunting, and hiring the wrong one can be a huge mistake. That’s why companies all over the country are taking advantage of advanced background screening services from companies like Barada Associates.

Background checks enable you to have complete confidence that the person you are hiring is exactly who they say they are. In the age of the internet, forgery is far too common and background screening helps to eliminate those fears. 

The Search Process 

One of the major upsides to hiring employees in the digital age is the amount of research you can do on a candidate, outside of their resume. The business social media platform LinkedIn has become a major player when it comes to finding potential employees. With over 810 million members and 57 million registered companies, recruiters have already begun to take advantage of this new age in hiring.

With 87% of recruiters actively using LinkedIn, your company risks falling behind the competition if it’s not recruiting on LinkedIn. Potential candidates build out full profiles of their work history, accomplishments, and more, making it an amazing resource for businesses and recruiters to utilize to help find fresh talent.

Additionally, with things like online portfolios and personal websites becoming far more popular, this makes it easier than ever to obtain a deep understanding of the individual who is applying to your job posting.

Why Work With Barada Associates?

When it comes to hiring new employees in 2022, companies often feel like they are on their own to perform the entire hiring process. They will often feel overwhelmed by trying to find out if the potential employee holds the skills needed to complete the job or if they are being truthful in the first place.

Barada Associates helps to relieve the pressure you are feeling by providing you with exceptional background screening services as well as administrative and customer support. From in-depth background screening to criminal history checks, we do everything in our power to ensure you are reaching your ideal candidate and can process more job applicants than ever!

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