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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our daily lives, most notably in the workforce. The past two years have seen remote work become the new norm, millions of Americans quit their jobs in a movement called the Great Resignation and changes in the way companies hire.

The pandemic has also challenged the workforce and put new and unfamiliar strains on many employees. Frontline and essential workers such as healthcare staff, public safety employees and grocery store workers have felt the brunt of the impact, as the demands – and even the dangers – of their jobs have increased.

Working in a new environment created by COVID-19 has affected employees differently across a wide range of industries. Resilient workers thrive and embrace the challenges in this climate, while others struggle to perform as effectively and efficiently.

In our most recent blog, the background screening professionals at Barada Associates discuss the traits of resilient individuals and why employers are searching for resilient candidates during the recruitment process.

What are Resilient Workers?

COVID-19 led many employers to rethink their hiring process, as many seek to hire resilient workers who can effectively manage stress on the job without letting it overwhelm or affect their responsibilities.

Resilient workers are able to “bounce back” quicker when faced with complex challenges, situations or decisions. They excel at regulating their emotions and thoughts and often see challenges as an opportunity and not a personal threat. They are better able to handle change and less likely to “burn out” on the job, which can lead to poor job performance and higher turnover rates.

Along with performing at high rates even during times of stress, resiliency traits among employees can also lead to reduced absenteeism, a more competitive work environment, improved communication and relationships and a willingness to accept constructive criticism.

During the hiring and interview process, Barada recommends looking for the following traits that might indicate resiliency among candidates.

  • Cognitive thinking style
  • Sense of optimism
  • Moral compass and faith
  • Social support network

Services Barada Can Offer Employers

The professionals at Barada Associates have a number of proven tools at their disposal to determine whether candidates have the aforementioned traits. One of those tools is a cognitive or behavioral assessment, which can help identify whether job applicants have the right temperament and if they’re a good fit for the company’s culture.

Barada provides several personality tests to assess a job candidate’s soft skills and technical skills with tests from leading industry providers, including WonderLic, Hogan Assessment SeriesPredictive Index and Profiles International.

It’s important to note that any assessment used to make a hiring decision should be approved by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

If you’re looking to learn more about any of an applicant’s four traits through a social media search, be sure to disclose that to the candidate before conducting the search.

Contact Barada for Background Screening Services

If hiring future candidates for resiliency will be an important part of your company’s hiring strategy moving forward, first have a talk with your human resources department to discuss exactly what, if anything, is currently occurring during the screening process to address and assess resilience. Once you have a good idea of where you’re at and where you want to go, contact Barada Associates to conduct thorough background screening, including cognitive and behavioral testing.