Background Checks

Healthcare industry background checks are so important because healthcare employees often meet patients at their most vulnerable. In addition to personal contact with patients, healthcare workers have access to private information and healthcare records. When you hire a healthcare employee or caregiver, be sure your patients, as well as their data, are safe with him or her. 

With so much on the line, healthcare organizations should complete a thorough background check on every applicant they intend to hire. Keep reading to learn more about what’s included in a healthcare background check and how Barada Associates, the leader in employment screenings, can deliver accurate and timely background checks for your healthcare organization.

Common Components of a Healthcare Background Check

Some of the most common components of a pre-employment background check for healthcare employees include:

  • Identification
  • Criminal records check
  • National sex offender registry check
  • Drug screening
  • Employment and education verification
  • License check

Verify a Candidate’s Identity First

With any employment background screening, check for accuracy in the identifying information provided by the applicant. If identifying information is misleading or false, it’s the first clue that something is wrong with an applicant. 

First, determine the severity of the error. Is there a different name due to marriage or divorce? Is the name easily misspelled? Don’t lose a potential superstar over what might be an easy clarification. 

If this information is wildly inaccurate, however, there is no need to continue with the complete check. These nuances are easily discerned by professional background check companies such as Barada Associates who have the experience and resources to cross-check data. 

Does the Healthcare Candidate Have a Criminal History or Sex Offender Status?

Who’s taking care of you and your loved ones? 86 percent of employers screen applicants in an effort to protect their customers, employees, or patients. Criminal history and national sex offender search checks are particularly important to healthcare and medical background checks. 

Barada Associates performs criminal background checks at the county, state and federal levels to uncover any relevant information about past arrests or convictions. This ensures your healthcare organization doesn’t hire candidates with a violent criminal history to work with patients. A criminal records check will also show if the job applicant has a history of theft, embezzlement or fraud, making them a poor choice to handle funds or patients’ personal information.

We’ll also perform a national sex offender registry check to determine whether an applicant is registered as a convicted sex offender.

As patients and employers, we trust healthcare workers in various settings, from unconscious patients to unsupervised interactions. Consider whether individuals with a criminal record or a history of sexual offenses are the best choice for your healthcare setting. Have procedures and expectations in place and in writing. 

Don’t wait until a situation presents itself. Be prepared. Provide this document to applicants so they know upfront the organization’s expectations and have an opportunity to remove themselves from the application process if needed.

Drug Screening is Necessary for Healthcare Workers 

Healthcare professionals often have access to many different prescription drug types and doses. Healthcare employees who currently use drugs can increase your organization’s liability. 

A thorough drug screening as part of your comprehensive healthcare background checks identifies candidates who may be unsafe working around patients while under the influence, and are more likely to abuse access to prescription medication. Substance abuse among workers can also lead to poor job performance, increased absences and potential accidents that result in injury.

In addition, state and local laws vary for drug testing in the workplace, especially for marijuana testing. As more states legalize medicinal and/or recreational marijuana use, you may need to revisit your drug testing policies for healthcare industry background checks and current employees. 

This is another area where a professional background company is useful. At Barada Associates, for example, we stay in front of employment law and industry changes to keep clients compliant. We have law firm partners to assist in research and documentation needs, so let us help you be proactive in your policies.

Education and Employment Verification

In the healthcare industry, many positions require extensive and specialized education. Therefore, to ensure employees caring for your patients have the education and skills necessary, perform a thorough education verification. 

Education verification is standard with professional healthcare industry background checks. It’s typically a simple process to contact larger universities. With smaller schools or those no longer in existence, however, this verification process quickly becomes a challenge. A background screening service makes this process simple and accurate.

Barada Associates will also check if the candidate has the prior work history and experience needed to succeed in the job. This can also ensure the candidate did not exaggerate employment claims. This search is a good test of an applicant’s honesty and a predictor of future performance.

Does the Candidate Have the Proper Licenses?

Many positions in healthcare need licenses, including doctors and nurses. Our professional license verification will determine if the candidate has all of the right licenses for the position they’re applying for.

Why References for Healthcare Workers Matter

It’s not enough for all the technical pieces of a healthcare and medical background check to be in place. When it comes to caregiving or healthcare, personal and professional references are important too. 

For example, there are amazing nurses out there whose personalities are especially suited for children or neonatal care. Some healthcare workers are attuned to the needs of the elderly or terminal patients. Some are not. Be sure you’re getting the right fit to avoid the expense of a bad hire and turnover. 

How to Perform Healthcare Industry Background Checks

Thorough healthcare industry background checks for one or multiple candidates are a time-consuming and tedious process. Regardless of the size of your organization, it is beneficial to outsource the process. 

Experts in the employment screening industry simplify the process and often provide a more thorough analysis of a candidate. Barada Associates has 40 years of experience providing employment screening and reference reports. Use your time more efficiently and leave background screening to the experts. Call Barada Associates today!