Background Checks

With the holiday season upon us, I wonder how many employers have thought about doing a background check on the temporary workers hired to cover the holiday rush.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time writing about how important it is for schools to check everybody who’s going to have any contact with students, but the same is true for holiday workers – particularly in stores that carry toys and other items that are popular with kids.

At the very least, temporary holiday workers should have a Criminal National Data Base check done.  The Criminal-National search offers a couple of distinct advantages.  First it’s a nationwide check.  Second, it includes the national Sex Offender Registry, so you’re really killing two birds with the proverbial one stone.  Third, it’s an economical screening device that will protect employers from any allegations of negligent hiring.

One other thought comes to mind for larger retailers to consider in doing a background check on candidates being considered for in-store Santas.  What could be worse than discovering that the fellow all dressed in red who has children sitting on his knee is a convicted sex offender!

This is another instance of the importance of being safe rather than sorry.