Background Checks

Only a decade ago, federal criminal searches were usually restricted to checks for “white collar” positions, and particularly for personnel with financial or executive authority. Today, however, the most prevalent federal crimes are no longer embezzlement, fraud or forgery. Obscenity is also a federal crime, and individuals at all levels—and of all ages—are increasingly being charged with violating federal obscenity laws.

The Internet and social media have made it easy for individuals to make unfortunate choices—innocently or not—by posting, soliciting or sharing lewd or otherwise inappropriate (and illegal) pictures over the Internet. In 2014, a 16-year-old Virginia girl was arrested for child pornography after she took sexually explicit photos of herself, posted them on Twitter and sent them directly to her male friends. Such an action may be innocuous in its intent, but it is illegal.

Employers want to know before they hire a candidate if that person has been arrested or found guilty of engaging in these activities. With a Barada Associates background check, they will.