Ban the Box

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has released its 2017 Hiring Trends report. The report covers five core predictions that largely align with the advice Barada has been imparting to its clients:

  1. Ban the box will become the norm.
  2. Screening of contingent workers will grow.
  3. Continuous screening will increase.
  4. Social media screening will continue.
  5. Screening data will be more closely regulated for bias.

“Human resource professionals conducting pre-employment background checks in 2017 will have to adapt to the growth of the ban-the-box movement and the ‘gig’ workforce,” the author wrote. “They’ll also need to take care when screening candidates’ social media or using aggregate data to make hiring decisions.”

Here at Barada, we wholeheartedly agree. In upcoming posts, we will dig into each of these predictions, providing more detail from SHRM—and insight from our own research. To read the entire report now, click here.