Background Checks

Background checks are a staple during the hiring process for thousands of companies across the United States. Recent data reveals that 90% of full-time employees and 83% of part-time employees were screened before they were hired in 2020 – both significant increases from just three years earlier.

But employers aren’t just stopping there. More businesses and companies are now conducting annual or routine background checks that aren’t part of the hiring process. If your company is searching for a reputable background screening company, you can trust the experts at Barada Associates. We were founded in 1979 and are one of the nation’s oldest and most reputable providers of background screening reports.

Additional Background Screening is Increasing

Sixty-six percent of employers wait until a conditional job offer before conducting a background check, according to a recent survey sponsored by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). Although 49% of companies reported only conducting pre-employment background screening during the hiring process, that number is a stark increase from 2018 hiring data (60%).

Twelve percent of companies say they conduct annual background checks on current employees, compared to 9% in 2019. Aside from the hiring process, other reasons employers conduct background screenings include:

  • Required by law/regulation: 14%
  • For cause, after hire: 10%
  • Annual or more often: 12%
  • At the time of promotion, transfer, etc.: 9%
  • On a regular basis (less than annually): 6%
  • Random, after hire: 4%

Why are Current Employees Being Background Screened More Frequently

One reason experts believe non-hiring background screening is increasing is because of the rise of the “gig economy.” A gig economy refers to companies that hire more non-traditional workers, including temporary workers, contract firm workers and independent contractors. Employers want to ensure they are hiring the right candidates for these positions, as some of them will handle sensitive company information.

Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans have been furloughed or working from home. Background checking these employees before they return to the office will ensure they weren’t arrested or charged with a crime while they were away.

Trust Barada Associates for Your Company’s Background Screening

Background screening, professional reference checks and employment and education verifications protect your business from poor hiring decisions. If you need a company to administer background screening – whether it’s during the hiring process, for routine employee background screening or both – contact Barada Associates to request a quote today.