Academic Verification

While verifying the validity of licenses is often the most overlooked step in the hiring process, falsifying academic credentials is the most common deception. Unfortunately, many otherwise qualified people think they need a little edge that claiming a degree will give them. In other words, they’re willing to take a chance that nobody will check to see if the degree claimed was ever actually earned. Regrettably, in many instances, no one does check!

An education verification process should be a component of a comprehensive background check that also includes checking a candidate’s criminal and employment history to ensure the candidate has earned the degrees or certifications they claim.

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Why Is Education Verification Important?

Failing to uncover false academic credentials may not seem like risky behavior when you compare it to an extensive criminal history report or a sexual offense, but it’s still very important for a number of reasons, including:

Ensuring Qualified Candidates

In a highly competitive job market, it’s more likely for job candidates to embellish their credentials or make false educational claims, especially about their education, in hopes of standing out in a crowded pool of candidates. This can make the employee more appealing on paper and put them at the front of the line. However, they may not have the skills to perform certain job requirements once they’re hired. Performing an education verification to confirm a candidate’s education history will help ensure you hire only qualified talent.

Staying Compliant with FLSA Regulations

Some job positions that are classified as exempt require employees to have professional, advanced or specialized education. If the Fair Labor Standards Act would ever challenge the exemption, it’s critical to ensure the employer has the appropriate educational credentials.

Avoiding Hiring Dishonest Employees

Most of us were taught at a young age about the importance of honesty and not lying. If a job candidate is brazen enough to lie on a resume about their educational history, what else might they lie about once they become an employee of your company? Lying on a resume can signal poor character. Performing a full background screening, including an educational background check, can ensure you hire honest, reliable employees.

Saving Money During the Hiring Process

Hiring an employee who ends up unqualified for the role because they don’t have the educational background they claim to have, can cost your company time and money. Not only will you waste money and resources training them, but you may also need to open their position back up to replace them.

Don’t Trust a Diploma Alone

A whole industry has emerged for the sole purpose of producing genuine-looking, but phony, diplomas. So, seeing the diploma isn’t nearly enough. Employers need to actually contact the school for confirmation. The school’s website should include information about accreditation. If accreditation is not found on the school’s website, the employer can contact the Department of Education’s Organizational Directory.

If a candidate for employment claims a degree from a college or university that can’t be confirmed through the Department of Education, that should cause a red flag to go up. If the school isn’t listed, it doesn’t exist or isn’t accredited.

Trusting a company such as Barada Associates to perform academic verification checks on all job candidates will ensure you hire qualified workers.

During an education background check, Barada Associates can confirm:

  • Enrollment
  • Attendance
  • Graduation dates
  • The degree/certification the applicant earned

Trust Barada Associates for Academic Verification Services

Background screening candidates on your own can be a timely and costly process, and mistakes can be made if they’re not performed correctly. Leave all of your education background checks to Barada Associates, the leader in the background screening industry for more than 40 years. We’ll provide you with the most accurate, comprehensive academic background checks to help ensure your company makes intelligent hiring decisions. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.