Drug Alcohol Testing

From public educators to teachers at boarding schools, teachers spend almost as much time with children as their parents do. As a result, they have a big influence on child development and are in charge of students’ well-being in the classroom. With such a great responsibility on their shoulders, teachers shouldn’t be using illegal drugs as they could impair their ability to care for the kids in their classes.

Help protect the children in your schools with comprehensive drug testing solutions for the education industry from Barada Associates. We partner with some of the top laboratories in the country, such as Quest and LabCorp, to process a multitude of test types. Whether you’re a public or private school, hiring substitute teachers or full-time educators, you can ensure your staff upholds the values of your institution.

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Do Teachers Get Drug Tested?

Employee drug testing is becoming increasingly popular across a variety of industries, including education. As more institutions commit to ending substance abuse in their communities, having teachers drug tested emerges as a clear next step.

Currently, drug tests for teachers are legal across the United States. No laws or legislation at the federal level block employers from screening teachers.

You can choose to test teachers at the point of hire before they join your team or at any point post-hire to maintain your workplace standards. This is especially true for public school teachers who are technically considered government employees. Public schools rely on federal funding and often drug test educators to comply with federal laws and regulations.

The experts at Barada Associates can help you determine if drug screening teachers at your school are in line with all local and state laws as well as federal. We understand the complexities of testing in the education industry. For instance, drug testing often brings up conversations about privacy.

A drug screen could reveal a medication legally prescribed to a teacher – one they chose not to disclose and does not impact their job. In this case, your school could be subject to lawsuits. Our team will work diligently to ensure your drug testing process is a help, not a hindrance, and balances both employer and employee rights.

Why is Drug Testing Important in Schools?

Drug and alcohol tests are important hiring and employee management tools used by employers across countless industries. While substance abuse monitoring has benefits no matter your industry, there are some advantages specific to employee drug testing for teachers.

Benefits of Drug Testing for Teachers

When you drug test private or public school teachers in your district, the benefits include:

  • A more productive staff
  • Decreased safety risks
  • Deters drug use among staff
  • Protects children from exposure to substance abuse behavior
  • A healthier staff, which can reduce employee healthcare costs

A drug test can help you identify employees who are using illegal drugs. When teachers fail drug tests, you can address the problem at your own discretion. Call Barada Associates to ensure you have the safest, most productive teachers possible.

Planned or Random Drug Testing: When Should You Drug Test Teachers?

Your school may implement mandatory drug testing for a variety of circumstances. You may want to screen new hires or take advantage of the benefits of periodic teacher drug tests. At Barada Associates, our skilled team can provide all of our drug testing services at any point in your employment process.

Some common circumstances for when teachers get drug tested include:

  • Pre-employment drug testing
  • Reasonable suspicion of substance abuse
  • Post-accident
  • Random drug tests
  • Periodic scheduled testing
  • An employee returns from a planned extended absence
  • An employee returns from a probationary period
  • Before a promotion
  • Voluntary testing

Drug and alcohol screenings for teachers can help you ensure a drug-free zone for the safety and happiness of the children in your school districts. Our specialists are here to help you carry out all of your drug and alcohol tests no matter the circumstances.

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How are Drug Tests Administered?

Whether drug testing teachers at private schools or a in public school district, our non-Department of Transportation (DOT) drug-testing program is quick and cost-effective. Our network of national laboratory resources has a proven reputation for success in all types of scheduled and random drug testing.

When you work with our knowledgeable team, we will handle all chain of custody documents for accuracy. At the end of our process, we use Barada Online’s secure and confidential environment to return test results to you. Or, if your HR manager is properly trained, we can provide instant-read tests that can give you immediate results at your location.

To avoid false results, every positive drug test is verified by a Medical Review Officer. An MRO is a licensed medical doctor who specializes in regular drug testing.

What Types of Drugs Should We Test Teachers For?

We will organize drug tests that will screen for the following substances:

  • THC (Marijuana)
  • Cocaine (Crack)
  • Methamphetamine (Ecstasy)
  • Amphetamine
  • Opiates (Morphine)
  • PCP
  • Methadone
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Tricyclic Antidepressants

Our experienced team can also coordinate tests for additional drugs and chemicals upon your request.

Can a Teacher Have a Medical Card for Marijuana?

While marijuana is currently classified as a Schedule 1 drug and is illegal at the federal level, it’s becoming a more normalized recreational and prescription drug at the state level. As of January 2024, 24 states have legalized recreational cannabis use, while many other states have expanded their medical marijuana allowances or passed legislation decriminalizing some marijuana possession and use. As a result, the process of drug testing any employee is more complex than ever.

With legislation to legalize marijuana sweeping across the nation state-by-state, the lines of legal but inappropriate drug use begin to blur. What if a teacher in a state with legalized cannabis uses it on a Saturday night? They may no longer experience any effects when back in the office on Monday, but they could still fail a drug test several days later. Additionally, what are the implications of a teacher having a valid medical card for cannabis?

Unfortunately, the circumstances vary from state to state. Colorado, for instance, is often considered one of the most pro-marijuana states in the U.S., yet their legislation bars teachers from any marijuana use, including medical, if they work for public school districts.

As an employer, it’s important to create a clear drug use policy that details your stance on marijuana/cannabis use based on your state’s laws and hiring standards. This way when questions come up or a teacher fails a drug screening, you have a clear course of action to follow to address the situation.

Barada Associates can help your team make informed decisions about your policy and your staff with our thorough drug testing solutions for teachers.

Trusted Drug Testing Since 1979

When you practice drug testing from Barada Associates at your public or private school, whether in the workplace or hiring process, you’re protecting your school and the people in it. If employees fail a drug test, you can take the necessary steps, such as drug counseling, to help them beat substance abuse, without sacrificing the efficiency of your workplace.

We’re eager to help you with all of your drug and alcohol testing needs, as well as a host of other background screening solutions for teachers. Contact Barada Associates today to start making drug tests a regular occurrence amongst your teaching staff.