Background Checks

In January 2016, the Society of Human Resource Management weighed in on the “criminal history” discussion, publishing a helpful article on hiring job candidates with criminal records. The article points out that in some trades and occupations, a shortage of skilled labor no longer enables firms to hire only the most attractive candidates. Furthermore, some 95% of incarcerated individuals will eventually be released, and laws regarding the fair treatment of those with a criminal background are growing stricter with every passing year.

Among the helpful recommendations the SHRM article makes, we especially like this one: “Look for Partnerships.” Many government and non-profit organizations have workforce development programs that not only train formerly incarcerated people, but also help them transition back into society more successfully. This type of support is valuable to the former inmate, as well as their new employer.

Review Existing Hiring Policies

Companies should consistently review their hiring policies to ensure that they are not unintentionally excluding hiring someone with a criminal record. Barada recommends organizations review both their official policies and their employee training programs regularly to ensure compliance with both emerging and existing legislation. The resources section on the Barada site also offers valuable educational information.

Companies should make an intentional effort to ensure that their policies don’t discriminate against people with criminal records. Instead, they should make sure that their policies leave the door open for all qualified candidates to apply, regardless of mistakes made in the past.

Hiring a Candidate with a Criminal History

When you open up a job and begin to accept applicants, you want to hire the best person for the job. Sometimes, that candidate will be someone with a criminal history. This alone should not hinder them from getting the position. If they’ve already faced the consequences of their actions, they should not be viewed any differently from the other candidates that your company is considering.

Other Factors When Considering Applicants with Criminal Records

Depending on the convictions that your applicants have been charged with, they could have certain limitations as far as where they can work. Certain convictions and charges will prohibit some individuals from working in certain areas. For example, a person with a conviction that has led to them being on a sex offender registry should prohibit them from working in an environment where kids are present.

Contact Barada for Criminal Background Checks

As much as we’d all love to trust that the information we’re receiving from candidates is accurate, that’s a risk that most businesses aren’t willing to take. Criminal history checks from Barada will help you through the hiring process. We’ll help to uncover any charges or convictions that your applicants have, allowing you to verify the information that you received from the applicant.

Additionally, Barada offers employment verification checks to make sure that all of your applicants are providing you with their accurate employment history. Make sure that you are hiring the right person for the job by getting an employment verification and a criminal history check from Barada today. Contact us for more information or to request a quote.