Background Checks

This year, the Department of Labor (DoL) theme for National Disability Employment Awareness Month (October), was “Disability Inclusion Starts with You.” The DoL recently posted a blog linking to a short video that encourages job applicants and employees to let employers know if they have disabilities. Many companies have difficulty getting applicants and employees to self-identify as individuals with a disability, whether due to an applicant’s oversight while filling out paperwork, concern of confidentiality or hiring discrimination, or other reasons.

Employers should encourage applicant and employee self-identification in order to both meet affirmative action obligations and make sure they are addressing, as early as possible, the needs of individuals with disabilities. Increased self-identification is an excellent step towards inclusion, but it also means hiring companies must be even more diligent in their treatment of self-identified disabled persons—even if the disability isn’t immediately evident.

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