Ban the Box

Several years ago, Barada Associates published a blog discussing the various factors that determine when a hiring organization should perform background checks. That article was so well received that we continue to receive comments on it to this day.

As a result, we have launched a new resource on our site to help customers and associates make that call. Because the landscape of background check legislation changes frequently, we will also include a list of states and cities with Ban the Box laws as well as links to news items of interest to hiring professionals.

The world of background screening has become a perilous one. Hiring professionals who screen candidates too early in the process may place their firms at risk of “discriminatory hiring” litigation and fines. Yet, best practices still dictate that the most protective posture for a company, in terms of safeguarding its interests, customers and employees, is to screen as early in the process as possible.

Cities, counties, states and the federal government all continue to adjust their definitions of discriminatory hiring, and many have or are planning to enact “Ban the Box” legislation. Such laws may do more than restrict firms from including a criminal history check box or other reporting section on applications. In its current usage, the term describes a variety of restrictions on how and when candidates can be queried about their criminal backgrounds.

We look forward to keeping you abreast of developments on our new web page.