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Criminal Background Checks for Healthcare Workers

The healthcare industry employs doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dental hygienists, lab technicians, and so many more. These healthcare workers handle copious amounts of sensitive data, from patient medical records to financial information. As a result, all employees at your healthcare organization must be trustworthy and qualified to prevent scenarios that could threaten your operation, patients, and legal standing.

Criminal background checks from the professionals at Barada Associates can greatly benefit your healthcare organization. For more than 40 years, we’ve put your success and safety at the top of our priority list. Our knowledgeable team takes the time to get to know your company needs, goals for new hires, and current culture, to develop an efficient plan for your pre-employment background screenings.

As one of the oldest and most recommended criminal background check providers in the nation, we’re eager to provide the healthcare industry with accurate results for better prices and less wait time than our competitors. When you hire us for your healthcare or medical facility’s background screening, you can have peace of mind that you’ll have the information you need to make the right hiring decision every time.

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Why Are Criminal Background Checks Important?

New regulations rolling out from the Equal Employment Commission continue to create complexities surrounding the collection and use of criminal histories for employers across all industries. But working with a professional team, such as Barada Associates, ensures you meet all federal, state, and local requirements when conducting background checks.

When you choose our experts to guide you through a pre-employment screening process, you can easily identify risky hires and build a trusting relationship with your employees. In healthcare, this is extremely important as your employees will be handling sensitive information and performing tasks that require high levels of education and training. If an unqualified or even dangerous candidate slips through the cracks in the hiring process, you’re putting your entire organization and patients at risk.

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What Kind of Criminal History Checks Does Barada Perform?

At Barada Associates, we go beyond the surface level of criminal history checks to provide both instant reports from national and state databases and retrieval and confirmation of records directly from federal, state, and local agencies. And all of our results are cross-checked and verified for the highest level of accuracy possible.

Our team is experienced in the following types of criminal history checks:

  • County-Level Criminal Records Check
  • State & Nationwide Criminal Records Check
  • Federal Criminal Records Check
  • Sex Offender Registry Check
  • Global Homeland Security Search

Protect Your Healthcare Organization With Comprehensive Criminal History Checks

Get peace of mind that you’re hiring the best candidate for your open healthcare job with Barada Associates’ pre-employment criminal background checks. Since 1979, we’ve produced the most accurate results in the industry and helped our clients avoid dangerous and costly situations. We also provide drug and alcohol testing, academic verification, and a host of other background screening services for healthcare workers.

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