Performing a pre-employment background check is essential to protecting your company and making informed hiring decisions. But how do you guarantee the performance of your staff and the safety of your business operations after hiring?

Continuous post-employment screening can ensure that your workplace is always protected from internal threats and liabilities, as well as monitor the performance of your employees and their adherence to company policies. Barada Associates’ experts in post-employment screening services have compiled everything you need to know about the benefits of a post-hire background check.

The Differences Between Post-Hire and Pre-Employment Background Checks

As stated in the name, the greatest distinction between a pre-employment background check and post-hire screening is the timing of the checks.

A pre-employment screening occurs at some point in your hiring process before a candidate officially joins your company. On the other hand, post-employment background checks occur when you screen your existing workforce at any point during their employment at your business.

A post-employment screening, unlike a pre-hire check, is an ongoing process in which you continuously investigate your employee’s criminal activity and behavior outside of work. Screening, such as credit checks, drug testing, and motor vehicle record checks, can help you maintain your workplace’s high standards and commitment to integrity.

Why Should Your Company Conduct Post-Employment Background Checks?

A post-employment background check is becoming an increasingly popular safety and productivity tool for businesses across the U.S.

According to a 2020 survey conducted by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) in partnership with, 94 percent of employers surveyed conduct at least one type of background check. 83 percent stated they screen for safety purposes, while 40 percent screen to adhere to industry laws and regulations. The remaining 51 percent answered specifically regarding pre-employment screening, citing improving the quality of hires as their reason for scheduling a background check.

Post-hire background checks are so popular because of their wealth of benefits to employers and their workplaces. While a pre-employment check can identify falsehoods on an application or reveal past criminal activity, screening a current employee regularly provides you with continuous updates. Even the best candidates can experience a change during or after their hiring period that ends up affecting their employment.

Regularly scheduled screening events have a variety of benefits, including:

Notification of Changes in Criminal Activity

If an employee continuously engages in criminal activity, it can threaten your organization’s reputation, operations, and safety. A post-hire criminal background check can reveal any criminal convictions that take place after an employee’s hiring period.

Ongoing License Verification & Academic Verification

Depending on your industry, your employees may need to pursue ongoing licensing educational qualifications. Screening your employees can verify their changing/updating credentials over time.

Set a Precedent for New Employees

In the hiring process, candidates are trying to represent the best version of themselves. Once hired, many employees relax into a more realistic form. Establishing a clear and maintained background check policy for existing employees can ensure your staff knows the expectations you have for the workplace, so they always put their best foot forward.

Ensure a Productive Workforce

A post-employment background check allows you to confidently trust your staff with your company’s operations by informing you of your current employees’ backgrounds. When you fill your organization with reliable, trustworthy employees, you’ll also experience a more productive workforce overall.

When to Perform a Post-Employment Screening?

A pre-employment background check has a pretty defined timeline – the screening occurs during the hiring process. Continuous screening benefits your entire company and can typically be scheduled at whatever interval and frequency you prefer. However, there are a few common circumstances in which post-hire screening could be the most advantageous, including:

  • When an employee returns from a planned extended absence
  • When an employee returns from a probationary period
  • Before a promotion
  • When you have reasonable suspicion of an employee’s behavior or activity
  • Randomized screening
  • When employees are scheduled to update their licenses and certifications

A team of background screening professionals such as Barada Associates can help consult with you on a post-hire screening process tailored to your company’s unique needs. We consider factors from the size of your workforce to industry regulations to help you decide when is the best time for a background check of your existing employees.

Types of Post-Hire Background Checks

The entire ongoing screening process is an overarching process that encapsulates a wide range of individual background checks. These background-checking practices each focus on a different aspect of employment history and personal activity so you can get a full picture of each staff member’s productivity and experiences.

The types of post-hire background checks your company may choose to conduct include:

  • Criminal Records Check
  • Drug Screening
  • Sexual Offender Registry Check
  • Credit Background Check
  • Social Media & Internet Check
  • Driving Record
  • Professional License & Certificate Confirmation

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