Background Checks

When we tell our clients that we will do whatever it takes to ensure thorough, efficient background screens with as little effort as possible by the screening organization, we mean it! A prime example is the screening “blitz” that we developed for the University of Evansville, a private university in Evansville, Indiana. First conducted in 2011, this on-campus, on-demand screening effort may have been the first of its kind, anywhere.

With approximately 2,500 students, UE needed an estimated 300 screenings per year to screen all the students that might be involved in student teaching—or potentially perform community service, take off-campus coursework, or sign up for internships at community businesses or organizations. We proposed a multi-day screening event where Barada screeners would sit on campus with Internet-connected laptops and conduct screens directly with students.

UE was so pleased with our efforts that the blitz became a regular feature of the fall semester, and Barada has been their background screening company ever since. The plan has lowered the cost involved with the screenings (which is borne by the students) and made it feasible to screen more students, more quickly, with less disruption for everyone.