Barada Team

Recently, Barada Production Manager Tracy Weitzel received a very generous compliment, and we wanted to acknowledge it. Acorda Therapeutics Human Resources Administrator Evelyn Germanakos sent us an email that said, “I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy working with Tracy Weitzel. All of the Barada associates who contact me are always professional and friendly, but Tracy goes above and beyond.”

Ms. Germanakos went on to state that Tracy was a pleasure to work with, that she responds quickly to emails, and that she does an excellent job of following up on drafts and reports that are missing information or have incomplete information. Ms. Germanakos concluded the email by saying, “She asks clear, concise questions, and responds with clear, concise answers. I’m very grateful that she works on Acorda’s account.”

Thank you, Ms. Germanakos, for letting us know what a great job Tracy is doing. We really appreciate it, and we couldn’t agree more. Kudos to you, Tracy!