Barada Team

When Kyla Shaver interviewed at Barada more than a year ago, she knew little more than her friend had told her—that “an opening that was available and it was a good place to work.” Today, as the newest member of Barada’s verifications team, Shaver has learned firsthand that her friend’s opinion was correct. “I like that Barada is a small, family owned business,” she says. “The atmosphere is so different than being in a larger company with more politics.”

Shaver, who earned her Associates degree in the Legal Administrative Assistant program at International Business College, previously worked at Rush Memorial Hospital. She considers her ability to multi-task the most valuable quality for her present position, but also credits her experience with the hospital for preparing her to work in verifications. “Working with the public all day long showed me all the different situations that can come up and how your response to those situations really makes a difference,” Shaver says.

Her favorite aspect of working at Barada is its family-oriented attitude. She says this approach makes her comfortable that if one of her children is ill, or some other outside problem arises, management will work with her so that she can take care of it. “I’m glad to have been able to start a new journey here,” she concludes.