Background Screening

A background screening is an essential step in the hiring process. Thorough pre-employment background checks provide a company a look into a candidate’s history, which helps employers determine the validity of a candidate’s statements. Professional reference checks can protect your business from poor hiring decisions and ensure that you get qualified talent with a style and work ethic that matches their environment and their culture.

In our most recent blog, the professionals at Barada Associates discuss everything you need to know about pre-employment background checks. For more information about Barada’s background checking services, contact us today.

How Background Screenings Are Used

An employment screening is used by employers to verify information provided by a candidate. Many parties – from employers to landlords – can benefit from the information provided in a background report, which can paint a clearer picture of a person’s history.

Different Types of Background Screenings

There are various types of background screenings. For a pre-employment background screening, companies may use a combination of the following:

  • Identity Verification
  • Criminal History Check
  • Credit Check
  • Education Verification
  • Driving Record Check
  • Sexual Offender Registry Check
  • Professional License & Certification Confirmation
  • Fingerprint Background Check

How an Employment Screening Works

Various types of background checks look into an individual’s past in different areas. For example:

  • An identity verification report searches databases such as the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security to verify that the Social Security number provided is valid and linked to the applicant.
  • Criminal background checks search databases for pending charges, past convictions, as well as acquitted or dismissed charges. A criminal history check helps employers determine if a candidate meets qualifications.
  • A credit report provides information about a candidate’s credit inquiries, creditors, lenders, and bankruptcies, which companies can use to determine if a candidate could be considered trustworthy when working with a company’s financial assets. Financial institutions and government agencies can benefit from these reports.
  • Professional license and certification confirmations help employers verify that a candidate has earned specific degrees or licenses.
  • A check of motor vehicle records can show if a candidate has received traffic citations or has been involved in a motor vehicle accident. This is required by most businesses if a person will be driving a company vehicle or be covered under a business’ automobile insurance policy.

How to Get a Background Screening

There are many methods a business can use to conduct a background screening. Some databases are accessible online or to the public, allowing a company to search records associated with a candidate. There are online search engines available to provide background screening information, but this information is often incomplete and is not always verifiable. 

For background screening information that is comprehensive and trusted, seek out a reputable third-party background check company such as Barada Associates. These providers have access to databases and information that the public does not and is able to gather a complete and verifiable collection of information about the candidates.

Trust Barada Associates for Your Background Screening Needs

For more than 40 years, Barada Associates has been trusted by employers and organizations to provide thorough background screening services. Offering multiple options to fulfill your hiring needs, an extensive background screening can be quickly completed to support your company’s hiring requirements. For more information on our services and to learn how Barada supports your company’s best interests, please contact us today.