Executive reviews a social security number trace on a potential new hire.Executive reviews a social security number trace on a potential new hire.
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Social Security Number Trace

So, you’ve found the candidate you’ve been dreaming of. The perfect resume, exceptional references, and a personality that will fit right in with your company’s unique culture. But are you certain the candidate is who they say they are?

The team at Barada Associates understands that question can be confusing, but unfortunately, the number of applicants who use aliases or falsify their identity on job applications is much more common than employers realize. That’s why our experts offer a social security number trace service that will help you verify the personal information and identity of your applicants.

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What is an SSN Trace?

A social security number trace involves confirming the social security number a candidate provides is accurate and tied to their other personal information and legal name. This type of pre-employment background screening can verify all information present on a resume and an individual’s eligibility to work in the U.S.

The trace works by taking information from a candidate’s I-9 and comparing it with records from the Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration. We then generate a report listing all the names tied to the provided SSN, as well as the geographic locations where the SSN has been used.

Why Do Employers Need to Conduct a Social Security Number Check?

So, why is it important for employers to run applicant’s SSNs? Here is a list of common benefits:

Reveals Criminal Records

Not only can candidates falsify their identities with fake names or fake SSNs, but they could use this tactic to hide serious criminal history or a revoked or suspended license. A criminal history background check will only uncover crimes related to the provided identity, so if that name is an alias, it may not uncover the right information.

An SSN check can reveal all names legally attached to an SSN. For example, if a candidate was convicted of a felony while employed in a different state and then legally changed their name and moved before applying for your position, only this type of trace would reveal the criminal record.

Uncover Aliases

Sometimes a candidate could be using multiple names or aliases to hide other aspects of their past, such as poor credit history, a previous termination of employment, and more. A social security trace will turn up all names attached to the number so you can get a full picture of the person you’re considering hiring.

Protect Your Business

When you hire an employee without conducting an SSN trace, you run the risk of hiring an untrustworthy and potentially dangerous individual. They could be unqualified for the job, opening you up to damage to your operations, facilities, or other employees, or they could simply be lying, which is not a practice you want to promote in your workplace.

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Professional, Secure SSN Background Checks from Barada Associates

Barada Associates has the resources and experience necessary to provide an extensive background screening package tailored to your business’ hiring needs. We use only the most advanced technology and resources to conduct our checks so you can trust the information you receive.

Our team believes quality is more important than speed in the hiring process. Hiring a candidate quickly doesn’t always mean hiring the best one. It’s important to take the time to get your recruiter’s questions answered and confirm the identity and information of all applicants. That being said, we never want our services to be the cause of delays in your hiring process. So, we prioritize a quick turnaround for all the services we provide.

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Choose the Industry’s Leading Background Screening Team

People make mistakes, change their legal names, and move states. Couples get divorced. Change is the one constant in life. While job candidates shouldn’t be punished for these changes or forever judged for the mistakes they made in the past, they do have to be honest about them. A social security number trace from Barada Associates can help you keep your candidates honest and your workplace full of only the most qualified, trustworthy employees. 

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