Executive reviews a driving record (MVR) check on a potential new hire.Executive reviews a driving record (MVR) check on a potential new hire.
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Driving Record Background Checks

Driving record checks, also called motor vehicle record checks, are a type of pre-employment background screening that checks the status of a job applicant’s driver’s license with your State’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

At Barada Associates, we provide comprehensive driving record background checks to companies across industries. Our checks go beyond license reports to give you a complete picture of a candidate’s driving history. Contact Barada Associates today to schedule your driving record check.

What Do Driving Record Checks Include?

A speeding ticket or parking violation isn’t the type of offense that would affect employment. The true goal of a motor vehicle report is to reveal more serious offenses involving automobiles. A driving history report may include past or present:

  • Traffic accidents
  • Driving record points
  • Current driver’s license status
  • DUI’s in public record
  • Other traffic law violations, convictions, and fines

Each of these resorts typically takes less than 24 hours to complete.

When Can Your Company Conduct an MVR Check?

If your open position involves driving a company vehicle, operating a motor vehicle on company property, or operating machinery that requires a special type of driver’s license or certification, then an MVR check is crucial to your hiring process.

In conjunction with Barada Associates’ other background screening services, a driving record check can be performed at any point during the hiring process. To save your company time and money, screening should be prioritized for candidates who already have met your other unique hiring criteria.

For businesses with full-time driving positions, such as transporters and delivery drivers, background checks regarding driving records can be conducted on current employees as well, so you can ensure you’re always in the know about the legality of a driver’s licenses and so their personal driving record won’t affect your business operations.

How Do We Perform a Driving History Check?

Performing a driving history check with Barada Associates is easy, fast, and relatively inexpensive.

We simply need basic candidate information, and, most importantly, each individual’s permission to carry out the check. In compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, they must give this permission by signing an official form. In some states, additional paperwork must be completed by the license holder for permission.

The Benefits of Driving History Screenings for Employers

Like all types of background screening for job applicants, driving history checks are extremely beneficial to hiring managers and their companies.

These checks confirm whether or not a candidate is legally allowed to perform a driving job, thereby protecting your company from the risk associated with an unlicensed or unqualified driver. When you’re fully informed about your candidate’s history, you can reduce the chances of negligent hiring, litigation, or physical harm to your operations, facilities, and other employees.

Learn more about how an MVR check can safeguard your business by speaking with an expert from Barada Associates today.

Professional, Comprehensive Driving History Checks

Since 1979, Barada Associates has offered clients across the U.S., in-depth driving record background checks. Our ability to deliver the fastest, most accurate results has made us the industry’s leading choice for all ranges of pre-employment background screenings.

Our experts will provide an intensive consultation so we get to know your business, industry, and distinct background screening needs. From there, we’ll work diligently with your internal team, job candidates, and our national screening partners and resources to complete a swift background check compliant with local, state, and federal guidelines.

Choose Barada Associates for trustworthy support every step of the way.

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Comprehensive background screening services, including motor vehicle reports, are the key to hiring trusted, qualified employees. No matter your industry or the specific role, your hiring process is more efficient when you can verify the full scope of your candidates’ applications.

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