Background Checks

The unemployment rate among military veterans is its lowest since 2000. More businesses are hiring on military veterans than ever before, which means competition is high to land the best veteran talent.

However, this leads to a question we hear very often: Are there differences in running background checks on veterans?

Veteran Employment Background Checks

In our experience, background checks for an open position on a military veteran and a civilian should be consistent. The only difference in running a background check on veterans would come up in employment verification.

A civilian would give their prior employment history and the company would go forward and verify their employment talking with former managers. In the veteran’s case, the hiring company would need to run a military service verification as part of their previous work history screening.

In most cases, most employers would first attempt to verify military service by utilizing the Department of Defense Service Member Database. This is a quick search and easily accessible online for any employer. For clients requiring more in depth findings, we might contact the National Personnel Records Center and even contact the supervisor/base where the veteran claims to have been stationed.


Employment Criminal History Checks for Veterans

For criminal history checks on military veterans, it can be a little complex to obtain a full criminal record. Say the veteran applicant was stationed for two years overseas. An employer would need to request a criminal check both in the United States and in the country where the duty was served. This would give them a full picture of any criminal record.

Each branch of the military has its own lower Court of Military appeals which is used as a central repository for criminal records and as a checks and balances entity for Courts-Martial offenses filed at military base courts. All Summary (equivalent to a petty misdemeanor), Special (equivalent to a misdemeanor), and General Courts-Martial (equivalent to a felony) offenses are reviewed and filed at the individual branch’s Court of Military Appeals.

If the judgment is upheld, and the defendant does not further the appeal, the case will be closed and remain at that court. If the appeal is supported, then the case moves on to the U.S. Court of Military Appeals. The only way an employer could request these records is they must go through the appropriate avenue for each branch of the military.

Trust Barada Associates for Your Background Checks on Veterans

There is no real difference between a military veteran and a civilian when it comes to the results of a background check. Like with any potential hire, a hiring manager will judge one’s character, risk, and potential leadership at their company–as well as review the results of any background screening.

At Barada Associates, we perform all kinds of background checks, even for military veterans. It’s best to go with the experts when it’s your business on the line. Since 1979, we have developed a reputation as the premier provider of reference reports and background screenings. Let Barada help you run your company’s background checks. Schedule a consultation today to get started.